The race to kill peaceful animals in beta is on!

A select few have been chosen for the Star Wars Galaxy Beta. They still have Beta 3 on the way. Let's see, it is March 10th and let me see when my copy of SWG will be out....

Goodness, one month left and no Beta 3? My my. We shall see what kind of a product we get. I hear mixed things, but mostly that it is more like UO than EQ.
Speaking of EQ most of Phank have been spending the down time leveling. I think Gracor got 16 this week. Aundine is the monster leveler, I don't even want to know how many she got.

We also played some Warcraft. They have some where you get massive armies to control.

Ah Warcraft has such mature players, all so wise and normal.
Star Wars Galaxies is not the only beta people are thinking about.... There are two big games coming out at the end of the year (well WoW is probably going to be late.)

Everquest 2 and Worlds of Warcraft are the two. Since I did not luck out on getting in the beta for SWG I am planning ahead and posting crap on WoW site already. I figure post counts have something to do with it, besides connections with the team that made the game.... So here I go:

I think I am up to post 4 now, but there are people on there with 1000 posts! Le boo hoo. I have a ways to go. We shall see if my theory is correct. Now let us compare EQ2 and WoW. The way I do this, for visual comparisons, is to look at the women.
Seriously, those WoW women (on the right) may have less poly's but they have personality and style. The EQ2 one (on the left) is all detailed but at her core soul less. EQ's animations are not that good compared to Warcrafts in the sense of exaggeration, weight and balance.

I also hope that the upcoming games lend themselves to different amounts of play needed to do stuff. Like being able to play for 30 min sometimes instead of 5 to get anything done.

So as far as gaming goes, Phank is relaxing and waiting for our copies of Zelda and Star Wars. Some of us are grinding away in EQ, because that game is still a fun place. We got IRC set up, so people like me who are doing a lot of homework can still stay connected to our friends.

Oh, and next week Hoss is having a festival with the triad. I have seen the future and this is what will come to pass:

PS I know someone is using me in the late of night to PL a newbie! Is it any of my retired friends? Hmmmm??? See you in game :P

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