Final Fantasy*

Final Fantasy is a different kind of MMOG. It has a lot of the same, levels and newbie zones, but it also had some traditional Final Fantasy style quests and character structures. It has elements of platform games, which actually work well. My first screen shots are small, but then I figured screen shots out.

First off, they have different animations depending on what species you are. In a world where all MMOG's like to use the same damn skeleton (the bones in 3D in a model) they have different ones, which pleases Phank. These characters should move differently, and they do.

Speaking of skeletons, my first quest was a halloween one. You go to a zone and try to give candy and oranges to ghosts and skeletons. They give you back a firecracker or a pumpkin hat or a bat wand. It is very platformy, in that you follow them around while trying to trade with them, and lots of fun.
We also got a taste of fighting and exploring a bit.
And our server is hard to spell.
We all died a lot too. There is no kill stealing since once your group attacks something, only you can fight it. There are also no PC corpses, that I can find yet. And there are some kinda strange XP chains and fighting chains.
And yes there are dungeons.
While some of Phank are checking out FF, some of Phank are checking out high power places in EQ, like Jaly who sent these great shots of CT, plane of time with some big ass clock and Coirnav...
And we also did newbie night in Kurns Tower.
Olriech took these picts on an adventure to a dungeon:
Aw, look at him pretending he is a big tough bad guy....

So some Phankers are really enjoying Final Fantasy, including me. We got our chat (linkshell) up and running thanks to Olriech and Quintis. Pray it will last!

*Final Fantasy people have strict laws on images.

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