Chaining and ^^

Final Fantasy XI has been a lot of fun. We did our first renkei chains (weapon skill chains) and got to meet a lot of really cool Japanese players.

Here is our first chain, only two people:

Then we started getting our macros together and began kicking ass.
We are fighting in areas that bring much death...
And getting to know really tough mobs that we need to leave alone in spite of their looks:
Sometimes when we die, some nice high level Japanese players are around and they ALWAYS rez us. We am so glad they did not make separate servers for US and Japan. For example, I died to an elemental...
And you can always tell Japanese players because they sure do use the sailor moon eyes a lot! ^^

Yayo and Olriech also can ride Chocobos now. Yayo sent in some beautiful shots of her fighting and adventure:
There are zones that the beastmen kill more than the PC's do. They own these lands...
It is so easy to change jobs in game....
In some of the harder areas we are exploring we have been having a really hard time. We die a lot, and in painful ways.
But over all we are winning. Enjoying the time spent, and the skill we have as friends that have played way too many games together.
note: I have not figured out how to turn filter off yet...
Panicing Taru is the best emote ever.
Olriech sent these in, check out all the cool summons he gets to see! Shiva is in there :)
A whole buncha high end content to look forward to.
We are having fun again, and most of the fun is when we all group! Hopefully we will all log on at the same time more!
Phank on! ^^
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