Final Fantasy quests and hunting fun

We are starting to really like this mixture of a traditional Final Fantasy mixed with a multiplayer. They have a few ways to entertain yourself. For example there are missions, and quests. The missions you keep working on throughout your life, gaining more rank for your side.

For example, you talk to a guy in the armed forces and he sends you on a quest to a dungeon. You have to place orbs in machines and energize them, then you turn the power on and once they are charged you pick them up again.

I really like the cut scenes. They are much better than reading a boring paragraph from some NPC. And the quests actually have great rewards.
The quests are also fun, and have little cut scenes.
The fighting is fun also, with EXP chains and other strange devices that encourage actual skill.
And as you see, some other Phankers are in the game.
There are also many crafts and of course fishing.
And there are actual cool dungeons with danger and such.
There are also a lot of nice Japanese people that we can't understand, but they all have normal non 1337 names.
And they are all much stronger than us.

Speaking of names, I caught a glimpse of something I could not believe the other day...

What the?
This can't be...
Oh but it is. In a world where I have not seen one symbol in a name I find this:
He must be American.
Zastras is Brithrax.
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