Go Cubs!

I got nothing. With the Cubs playing ball and my family in town I have no time to play and record the going ons of Phankers!

Thank goodness hordes of Phankers sent in images to me detailing all the many adventures they have gone on. Let me begin with Olriech's (on Thessil here)

And that's it!

Oh, wait I promised 2 picts... Subvertio, Tabris, Gracor and I played Rise of Nation, Wolfenstein, and even Ultima Online this weekend at our mini LAN party. I could not figure out a screen shot in any except one! Here am I with Gracor in his pink shirt of glory.

So yeah, Cubs and fam = all over the place. Add to that all of Texas working their asses off. Then add on top of that Noashan MIA. Add to that Jumpp is part of Texas now, also working his ass off. Then on top of that the all too familiar game limbo.

After fan faire I visited a buncha guilds web sites. I realized we are freaks. Everyone else out there has a game. Those that don't have games don't exist. Some are so big that they have many games with guilds the size of any uber on each of them.

I didn't see one of these guilds playing old-as-dirt flight sims or yahoo pool. Something is wrong with us.

Phank on.

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