A few Phankers have been checking out the high end game again. Jalynfane is hanging with Hoss and a few Phankers like Svolthoh, Tylia, Kaellana, Quintis and Muksin are checking out Crazy Horse. A couple of us are still doing our noob night.

Subvertio got married this weekend, which was a blast. The Texans are all working a lot, and are spread out over various games. Biggnose just added a new troll to the family. Baptiste is working on school and Kinthalas is taking a break from games.

So as usual, Phankers are balancing their real lives with gaming. Sometimes you have to stop gaming completely to achieve balance. Let's start with the uber action. Quintis captured these gems with CH:

Crazy Horse has been great letting Phankers keep their tag while they hang out, not pressuring anyone. Jaly has been hanging with Hoss (Lola and Korus are in there) and sent these in:
Olriech has also been adventuring and sent these in, one with leet photoshop skills on Quintis' name. Luteo is Naydien.
And some of us played noobs as usual. We got Woaptink a new robe.
But at least baseball is no longer keeping our attention (except our lone NY fan.....)
I am soooo tired from Subvertio's wedding. Thanks phankers that took picts for the update!
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