Does this look familiar to you?
What about this?
Then you have probably power leveled at some point in your life. You want to deny it. You want to claim your character took forever, and won't fizzle ever. But the truth is, we all have at some point, for ourselves or a friend. And when it is done well, it can be a fun time.
Gracor has earned the right to power level. He has 2 characters he leveled up the hard way, and now if he wants a wizard he is going to level him straight to the point of being able to play with phankers again.
Even Woapin and Syphie came to join in on the fun for a bit.
I have no idea if Olriech/Thessil has been PL'ed much, but he is already level 50. He sent in some shots of Phankers in Kael. Note Eisai on her politically correct cleric.
But the week has not been all power and no loses. For the untwinked newbie crew lives on.
We tried out Befallen and got our buts kicked. We forgot about needing magic weapons. It is so hard to play without any help or twinkage. Shopping in bazaar for 5 plat items and not being able to buy all your spells. But I tell ya, it has been nice. Playing 2 nights a week for only 1.5 hours. Sure not much gets done, but reaching for small carrots feels pretty uber!
Ok, I twinked myself a Cubs shirt.
Yes, Phank is being distracted by a couple other games out there... and they arn't video games!
And others are learning LDoN stats suck, the hard way.
And other Phankers are joining forces with some big guilds on D Ro for some raids, and some Phankers are peeking on to say hi too...
And Tylia wishes for the ultimate game...
So we have been talking about tee shirts. We have a couple suggestions here, feel free to chime in on our forums on which ones you like!
Tabris' version:
Lola's version:
The shirts are all going to be top quality thickness and white silk screening on navy.

We also have a new section on our forums "Kinthalas' Reading Rainbow" which is for story telling and other things. Seems all happy happy, but Kinthalas is known to kick some ass, so be good! Also if you are a Ranger, you might want to contact Tylia to get in her Ranger area. The rest of the forums are just there to taunt you. Enjoy!

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