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Aaaah zen!

I feel great this morning. I just do. I went through all the screenshots and they brought smiles to my face.

I learned some great things this week. All the little stresses I had mentioned on earlier updates Just Don't Matter. I had an epiphany. And it is glorious. I feel this image sums up my feelings.

I don't know how to explain it, but it does. The week started out with silly talks and stress, wormtounges and entitlement, and It Just Doesn't Matter. 
We at Phank are in it for the long run. We are not a guild that powers up for This Game. We are a guild who's biggest goal is to sustain and enjoy our existance with each other. We are not limited to one game. We do not lose all our friends when we start another. We know that the only riches that last after a game is gone are the friendships made. Not the 0's and 1's of an awesome pair of fishnet stockings with +5 Sexy.

We move around from game to game like mad. Vigil is already back in CS killing grown men while my brother Tabris is playing games I can't even understand....

He says this is some kinda Diablo with wings and stuff.
And many phankers are playing EVE still, some are even new to it. Jumpp moved to new blue rocks the other day...
Simply beautiful.

So what do we have? We have friends and an awesome game. So let's kill each other!

We also beat challenges that have kicked our butt time and time again, or "can't be done."
I would have a pict of the General fight, but no one sent me one so instead you get the roster to visualize the great battle.

Speaking of great battles - our 3 rogue, 1 war, 1 priest crew beat BRD with no ae. This was the great challenge set forth last week. Well done! 

I can't wait to have my crew sitting on the glorious throne. We however are all AE'ers.

Some of the best times are had when you are doing a quest, with no spoilers, and have to look for crap. It can be exhausting.

Specially when you go the wrong way! But that is the risk you take when you don't have a person guiding you about or a quest map laid out for you. And it's under these maddening situations people really get closer. And the reward all the sweeter.
It's because when things go wrong the story is better. No one cares about someones journey if it was all happy happy joy joy.
And if your Train does not have a freaking 10 foot Lich in it, it ain't nothin!
Can't wait to catch up on some of these quests. Xakia and Tanzen have unfinished business with the Lost Hero and we intend to do it for all of us. 
Whenever we are helping a friend catch up to us on a quest we give them a start point then follow their lead as much as possible. It's no fun to be guided around. Sometimes, said friend has a little fun with us for this....
We will get you and kill you Courier, a million times over for the pain that you have caused us! (note Courier in Plaguelands = Minotaur Hero in Steamfont. But with no warning.)
I love BRD so much. It might be because it's like a maze of sorts, fun to figure out. It's mostly because it's challenging, makes you think, and our group feels glorious in there. So many mistakes, so many deaths, so worth it.
- mogkin
- mogkin
- mogkin
- mogkin
Sub likes to canter.
- jaly
Jaly took these of a Rogue vs Teremus. Looks like a glorious fight.
Tharkis got some cool Deviate Fish food that changes you into things.
Or FD's Tanzen. But he eventually got a cool one and proclaimed it to the world by dancing atop the mailbox.
So it was a great week. I am full on zen. I spread this zen to this village.
Most of us have known each other and fought side by side for years together. I look forward to saying that about the newer folk too. We have watched phankers grow up, graduate, lose a job, get a job, lose a GF/BF/Whatever, gain a new family member, etc...

Happy First Birthday to Gastnor's little princess.

Phank on!
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