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Two Kinds of War

Doomhammer, our server, finished the war effort this week. It caused much excitement and much lag. Phank has about half of our members actively giving things to the war effort, and when the lag increased Saturday night we knew it had to be... War.

So we killed Majordomo using our top secret ghost class. Here's Valthonis:
And we didn't even attempt Rag. We ported to OG, or UC, or wherever wasn't crashing.
It seemed we needed about 100 wools to finish Horde side. Alliance had already finished theirs earlier. However lag was so bad no one could even make a bandage.
Finally after one of the server cashes we were getting close....
But something was wrong. We knew Alliance had done their side, but the NPC's didn't seem to know this.
Here was the message the Alliance was getting (grabbed from the forums)

And the lag continued and nothing happened.

And despite all his trying Valthonis was still a ghost.
So that was how one battle is going. But in another land a few Phankers set out on a different journey to the dangerous outer regions of the universe. I don't even know who's ship is who's. These look like haulers to me, so I am not even sure if these are what they traveled with. Let us just imagine they are. The massive ring thingies are jump gates.
They have to travel together, and be really careful of PK's. It's dangerous space.

It took a few hours but they did it, and it included some action. After getting to the Oberon (the guild they are in) space they went on some missions. One to destroy some wicked hard base thing. I think the upper left guy is Jumpp, the lower is Gracor, and the spiky thing is the evil base.

I think that middle one is Aundine (cownan), and I know Naydien is in there somewhere too, maybe he's that thing with red light coming out of it.
And they blew it up.
Now all those pictures are very beautiful, but do you want to see the madness when you have your UI up and there are a million bad guys on your screen? Click here for that.

If you are ever looking to play EVE we will have a walkthrough to get you started next week. It's a great second game, or first. It's one that's always there for you when you get burnt out.

Now the rest of the week sucked. But we won't dwell on that. I also raided Gracor's computer for some picts, so you might see some things from last week that I liked.

So right now lag is really stinking, but it also means we can finish the war effort earlier than lower population servers. I can't wait for the opening of the gates and 1 fps.

In memory of Valthonis's body. I think we might be the first guild to have an undead Tauren.

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