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Fun and some lag

Human beings are amazing. Put a bunch of us together and things happen. Sometimes like clockwork. In the workplace, in a family, on a deserted island, in guilds.

We just had one such thing happen, and this week was about dust settling, remembering why we game, and making that reason happen if it's not.

For many of us we game to have fun and to become a strong gaming unit. With that in mind Phank has begun raids that focus on that goal. This is the first time in months most Phankers have played together in a group bigger than 5. So now we begin the goal of becoming a stronger gaming team. It's great, with WoW we can plan ahead on the forums and make raiding nights. Not something you could have done in EQ1. And this week we sure did have a big raid partah!
When I asked people how it went, everyone reports a lot of fun was had, and great teamwork. Hopefully servers will stabalize this week for more. Some of us went to BRS in smaller groups too.
We messed around with Mind Control a lot, and as you know Subvertio likes to run his Mind Controled characters off ledges. Which usually brings back a train of pain. This time the poor mob just stood there.
But mind controlling can also give some great buffs. So make sure you grab yourself a spellbinder next time you go to BRS and give yourself some nice fire protection!
We came across a small pod of bugged spiders. It is so horrible to try and kill them. As you can see from the corpses.
We were a little nervous about one area, since we had not done it before with 5, and only once before at all with the raid.

But we learned the secrets and triumphed. And by triumphed I mean our priest and only rezzer died only 2-3 times. But we did it!

Unfourtunatly our server went through some issues this weekend. This caused much grief.
These ships are frozen and I am stuck casting.
Here we are not zoning.
Here we are giving up and going to a different server as many Phankers did.
Even without the lag a few of the first 60 Phankers have tired of the WoW high end, and the shake up I spoke of earlier. So they found themselves in other games passing the time. Ol and Nay in EQ2
And Xakia in CoH. Here he is with a cape, which wasn't in last we played.
Here he is fighting a lot of things and here are his words "Herding - Pics of my 30 Tanker in action. Invincible becomes invincible when mobs act like buffs for the toggle power. More mobs = more def and accuracy."
And our old friend the Dr. says hi.
"Arch Villian - Tanked an AV last night. Big guy trying to set off a giant robot into Paragon City. (What we are standing on)Tankers != Warriors. Stood there for an hour tanking the Arch Villian with my group taking out the turrets around the giant robot. Really gives you a good feeling inside when you have the proper build :)"

Many many phankers are around the level 35-45 area. Most of the time we can find a group for an instance. And when we don't higher level Phankers are helping out with quests or other things. We are really developing a friendly environment of everyone helping out.
The other day some of us grew tired of SM and decided to try Gnomergan. Turns out Gnomergan is designed for way lower levels. We forgot. But since we were there, we decided to get revenge on an event that kicked our asses in Beta.
And then at the very end of this too easy, so too boring event, we were all thinking we were cool...
Then a buncha rocks fell on our head and kept us modest.
Since we were there, we went onto the boss. At least he was Yellow!
So once again, things going wrong can make for some good fun.
In the aftermath of great strife you guys have done it again and made me proud. Laughing in spite of tears, kindness to all, and the goal of fun first.


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