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Win - by Veenu

As you can see from the main photo, we won something this week.

But before we get to that, let me describe our state of mind before the win. We were down. If you have been keeping track of our recent updates it's been a world of hurt, high loss with low victory. And a lot of server issues.

We did some polls and found people pretty much wanted a raid planned 6 nights a week. Normally we have 2 planned. So we tested it out, and it turns out people look at raiding much like the hungry look at a buffet table.
So most of our newly planned raids didn't get enough people. Add to that a 50 minute queue.
So the second night we didn't have enough we went in anyways.
But we 14 were not good enough to get the first boss lower than 10%. Add to that a general lack of ambition, a fear of us lacking skill, and some of our high play timers checking out other games like DDO and EVE.

Phank was bummed out.

So as MC came around this Sunday, we were low on numbers. But we also had something to prove. We knew we were all feeling down about our lack of wins. We had talked about it, and the people that showed up came prepared.

We brought our candy buffs, our potions, our enchants, the kitchen sink.

We fought a sloppy Sulfuron, but a very clean Golemag and Major Domo.
Since we don't get to fight Ragnaros often, we knew this would be our last shot for some time. Next week we are moving MC to a one day event. We entered the lair.
We engaged. Our buff bars looked like candy shops.
And we lost. But we did better than ever, and we made a few adjustments and went again.
So we did it. We finally climbed that stupid Ragnaros mountain of loot accumulation. From here on out it should be a nice, normal progression of difficulty.
We don't normally do corpse shots, but this isn't really a corpse, and we all made a nice little class photo.

It was a great win, thank goodness.

In another universe, some Phankers are finding fun exploring a new world. Dungeons and Dragons Online sounds like a great game for people that want to play 2 nights a week with a small group of friends. Jalynfane sent in these beautiful shots.
We think this game is very beautiful. It's doing realism like EQ should have. With style.
Some people might say "But with realism you wouldn't have a floating fountain!" Well get a clue, our games have magic in them, do you think this would be neglected in the art and architecture?
I added a couple elf picts....
It looks beautiful. Hopefully a Phanker will write a review for us or something.
So it's about time we got a win in our lives! I predict they come faster now that we are over that hellish mountain of false difficulty Blizzard set up to prevent Ubers from beating all the content. I know many of you are way past beating Rag, but for those of you that fought this climb, for those of you that didn't skip ahead to a guild that was already past him, you know what we have just been through. It's the guild breaking event, and we, in a partnership, raiding 2 nights a week, did it.
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