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Server Go Boom. - by Veenu

This was our first week of raids in the new AQ dungeons. It was filled with a lot of hope and pain. Hope because these dungeons seem really cool, pain because the lag and server issues are preventing us from enjoying them.

But as usual, we know how to entertain ourselves.

The server issues are really bad. The first 40 minutes of this raid was spent dealing with the zone in, and people crashing and logging back in.
But we started in anyways.
And the server problems continued to plague us. Though the below wipe was all us, and not lag. Sure 3 of our members were still stuck trying to get into the instance.
But once we got everyone in the run to the first boss was nice and fast.
So we lost, but we learned what had to be done, and it was great. Really fun and simple design on this boss.
After we killed him some really cool things happened, which I won't spoil for you, but it made phank very hopefull for this entire zone.
It was great and we wiped out again. So we did our favorite activity this week, pushing against an instance wall. Joy!
After a few minutes of that we decided to call it a night. Great times, but would have been amazing if it was server issue free. I don't even want to call it lag, because it's worse than anything called lag before. It's horrid. And Blizzard wont give us anything but "some time in 2006" will they be fixing it. And that was on their Euro forums. Very uncool.

So we also had a couple nights in AQ40 with our big raid partners HoS. Standing outside was like being at a frat party. Sober.

We formed up and went in.
But of course we learned the mobs, and beat them. All the while plagued by server drama.
And we got to the first boss in all its glorious pink.
But it seems they have a nice fast respawn much like MC.  So we died horribly, and then went back to the real entertainment!
Never ending "run at wall" fun!
So AQ40 is very promising, but also draining. Going in there twice this week just makes one want to launch off into space and be alone.
We also jointly killed Ony this week and got Brith that damn handsome sword.
It's almost Shadowbane lag bad, but not yet. Thank god we can laugh through our tears.
The big name bug really hurts a rogues ninja skills.
Phank is very excited about AQ20. What a fun zone already. AQ40 seems really cool too. The mobs we have come across are clever and doable. But we have so much to do. We haven't been in BWL more than once. We have yet to beat Rag. I remember someone saying a game company can never keep up with the bulk of the player base. Well Blizzard is doing it. And too much to do in a game is better than farming any day.

Now please inform your player base a better time line of when our servers will be fixed.

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