Dungeons and Democrats
All week long we talked politics. Thank goodness Jumpp is in my corner.
He needs more of a challenge however, someone that isn't a poor debater and has good sportsmanship. Preferably a hawt woman in her late 20's to early 30's. Here is an example of a Jumpp Rant.

Phankers have a few single women in the guild. I assume this is the problem with all gamers, too many men, all women married, and no one can tell if you are really a woman or 108 years old anyways. One day it will be easier for single gamers to find other gamers!

There are other ways for handsome young men to find dates, like a good game of Dungeons and Dragons! Finally, Aundine brought in the photos of their shenanigans!

They even have little figurines, total old skewl.
I think the one above is Aundine! Call it a hunch.
It's great how IRC keep those that don't game too much with the bulk of Phankers still all together. And it makes for great conversation and really strange and wonderful links like this.
Nobbynob sent in these picts, seems he also found the joy that is Snagit, thank goodness!
And Olriech also sent some in, first of the new armor:
Then some of adventure:
And I finally caught a glimpse of the ever elusive Xakia in daylight, dang Dark Knights!
Dark Knights however are no match for the evil Paladins!
So it was a nice week, and chat is way back in shape. I guess a week ago we had some issues with sounding a bit like Seekers (Old uber guild, lots of leetness), but it is all cleared up now since Phankers do this strange thing called "communicate."

I also have to say that every single friend that joins Phank through Kinthalas/Jalynfane/Baptiste has been a great asset, and I am glad they are with us. Friends of Friends is a great way to grow slowly. Like Tanzen just brought his dad in, who is playing his first online game ever. Good peeps all around.

Crash wrote a review on Jak II, read it here!
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