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Get Better Sagesse!

Aundine/Sagesse is in the hospital for a couple days. We are all worried and hope you have a speedy recovery Sage!

This update is for you. We hope it makes you laugh or at least smile if it hurts to laugh!

This week many of us were at the end stages of very long quests. For some reason we all decided to do it on the same day and didn't know this until we KS'ed each other.
Then we ran into each other again!
So we teamed up and put all the people that needed certain stages in the same group.
We of course messed something up so we had to do it again.
We all went and did the other stages and came together again on a lone mountain in a scary zone.
So it was good times. We also shook things up in what has become one of my favorite zones.
Naydien told us how to do one area, and we of course kinda heard him, but then when we went in without him the next day completely forgot it. So this shot is for you nay. You will know it went horribly wrong.
But we got a broken bottle, so win.
Some of us also joined up on Sunday to finish a zone key. Some just to have fun.
While we were doing this event there were some 60 alliance paladins running around on their horses trying to train us. Which doesn't work so well in WoW if you don't cast anything. So that was funny.
It was a great way to end the week.
Sage, we are all praying/thinking good thoughts for you. Big hug from us all!
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