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Love and War - by Veenu

War came to Doomhammer this week, the same week of great romance. They do go together, don't they?

Aaah.... love...

While the city was plagued with love our war materials made their way to Silithus. On Sunday Morning the troops were in place.
We were ready for the gates to be opened.
Some of these are from Subvertio and Brithrax.
Our two uber guilds were to ring the gong.
But servers crashed, and then they rang it and the gates opened.
Yes, the lag was pretty bad inside the gates or near them. It was still pretty cool.
We teamed up with our raid partners HoS and started focusing our efforts. This was very successful.
We moved away from the gates and the lag was much better, at least for a while...
It was pretty epic.
And lots of chances to sheep your friends.
The lag got out of hand again, so we decided to take refuge inside the new instance.
And the first guy totally kicked our asses.
But we tried a couple new strats and on the 3rd try we got him good. And we got our first bug mount!
So we did the next mob and totally died.
We heard lag was improving outside, and decided this instance will be here forever, while the war is only one day. Unlike our Horde ubers, we went back out to continue the war.
As phat as the loot was outside, it was about the experience. So we ran in search of adventure.
And came across a bug.
A very big and powerful bug. And Blizzards sense of humor....
So we took off our clothes, and zerged.
Dying over and over, running from graveyard and back. Over and over, getting the bugs health lower and lower.
And then we began to coordinate with the Alliance. We would all rez in and together charge. It was much more effective.
Glorious insanity.
When we got it down to 10% all kinds of other guilds came over for the glory.
And we killed it. For most of that battle it was red, like it was our tag, but at the end it was grey. Not sure how that whole thing works, but I think one of the guilds that was there for the long haul got some purples so that's good.
Now the fighting continued, but as the night went on (this battle is 10 hours) some phankers and HoS went into the 20man to check it out.
So we got to the first boss.
We went after him a few times, got him down very low, but decided to head back out to the party. The end of the event was nearing.

Which I have no screenshots of, I am sure it was epic. Imagine lots of explosions and stuff.

So that was a great event. I imagine a future of games where we talk about the good old days and "lag." while our children look at us funny "What's lag?"

We also had a surprising amount of fun in PvP one day this week.

Hope you all have a very romantic valentines day, and if not that, a glorious battle against a 20 foot sphinx.
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