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Seems we are number one as far as XP goes on our server. We certainly are not number one head count wise. But wow we are big. I think 55 members. As Baptiste said to me, we will be a force in the high end game. We will see how it goes. Most of us are ex ubers that never cared to be in a big guild, but many Phankers have returned, and returned with a wife/husband/best friend with them.

I am a little Xenophobic as you all know, and so this is a little overwhelming. However our chat has been lovely with everyone watching the chitter. Plus, all are good people, so I think it's gonna be ok.
There are many pluses to having 55 members. Each night we have around 25-30 people online and many people can form a group.
We did a little class photo. We wanted to see us early on and also later when we are 60. Sele, says this will be in a week. Which I don't doubt for him! Many people are missing from the above photo, in part due to us taking it when server log in was broken! In fact, we have one member who could not tear himself from playing a gnome who came to ogrimmar for the shot but could not log on for it. Here is Gadgetry's journey.
Well done, Gnome.
We saved up for our tabard by having everyone send in some money who was over a certain level.
Seems the other nice large guild on our server, Hex, has the Angry Farting Tiki God on their tabard, so we just can't have it. I think we are gonna go for a tree like we had in SB. Will have shots next week.
Svolthoh, Kaellana, Olriech, and Selenajra all hit 40 this week.
Olriech sent this in of his group going into some of our favorite instances and their kodo's and horses.
Ah memories of Beta.... first time going into this event below bring happy memories...
Thanks Ol for taking picts! Some of us also encountered some PvP...
Ok, that's a lot of chat with no pretty pictures...
All of you with no Cosmos, see that big string of no's that kinthalas sent me? That's what you are missing out on.
The above wipe was past the room with the book, a group with no healers, and characters in low 20s. Don't let no "x" class stop you!
So yeah, we are pretty big. I know it's not that big to those of you used to a 100+ roster, but it's big for us. But these people are awesome. They are some of the best personalities and most competent gamers I have ever met.

The challenge we will have is not beating every insane task blizzard throws before us, because we know this crew can.

We know what the real challenge is.

Phank on.

Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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