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Plane of Fear

UBRS is a very familiar zone to us. We go there often for warlords command. We usually go there in chunks and then take breaks from it, but it's just part of life in WoW.

So we make the best of it, and end up having some of the best times in it. When you aren't so worried about death, it lends itself to silliness all around.

Some people found it more exciting by ae fearing as we went along. It was our own little Plane of Fear.
And yes, the next image is from UBRS not zombie bowling.
And the strange events didn't stop there, this week we also got drunk off our failed night of onyxia.
We also had a lot of fun doing all kinds of odd quests we havn't done in a while. In strange ways, with strange results.
This little guy was following us all over the zone. Poor puppy.
Other things followed us too.
It was definatly a smell the roses kind of week. With some of our lower play timers hitting 60 and newer friends getting there too we are revisiting old quests. The Shadow Government came together for an WC run, which Cruella documented for us. This is a very high fear/high excitement event.
There were also some WC runs the old fashioned way. Some Phankers are switching mains, or just having fun with other classes.
All great fun...
It's hard to believe we have been playing this game for a year now.
We never thought we would be playing another game this long. We thought EQ was a fluke. But we had hopes, and WoW seems to be providing. If you want a good idea of how long a low playtimer takes to get to 60, we can look at Crash (Needles) who played about 2-3 times a week for a couple hours. He takes vacations here and there, and probably took a couple months off in the middle. He hit 60 yesterday.
I remember people hitting 60 a couple months into release. It always reminds me of George Carlin's quote about driving:

"Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a moron."

We are all quick to judge those that only game and work, or just game for that matter. And those people are quick to judge those that won't stay up late just to lose again to a boss. I think what's best is to find the people with the same level of investment in the game as you. Not the hours they log, but what intrests them.

For Phank we have perspective, we don't take things to seriously. We've done it before and it gains you nothing. Yes we get angry, and frustrated if our skill is sucking, but we know we are family (A motley crew of sorts) and respect each other. One of my favorite traits of phank is no "thin ice" people. You all know the type, we have all seen it. Somebody at game or work, someone in the family that you have to be extra careful with. Someone you have to go out of your way to make feel secure.

So we prize people that don't live in game. Yes we have high-high play timers. But they have either jobs they love or family they love, or both. They have something else that brings them joy. Something they can step away from the game for, because we all need to do that. 

And sometimes we all need to escape from a bad day at the office/school in dragon land...

Sometimes Phank hears about the guilds that do live in game. Like when we go up against Ragnaros. We think "My god how does anyone beat this guy" and realize that if we had everynight in a week to keep at him we might go faster than our current once a week. But we see now, for the first time how to beat him. The spoiler info is useless. We got our own infoz.
The key to this battle is practice. Sorry if that was a spoiler.

But let me say Blizzard did a little trick here with difficulty.

They were running out of content, and couldn't produce fast enough for the hard core player. So they put a couple gates in. Ragnaros is the first big gate of "You don't have the gear, you must farm until you do." Which prevents people from getting bored since there is still unbeaten content.

Now that they have enough content for everyone but the highest of high playtimers I think they should relax those two gates (Ragnaros and Razorgore) to match the difficulty ramp of their entire game.

Don't worry, we will beat Rag soon, but he should be one nice notch up from Major Domo (one of the funnest fights in game) and right now he's just silly.

It's been a long time since a Phank rant or two, I thought it was about time. But the rants come after such a fun week. I havn't cracked up this much in well, maybe 3 weeks.

Linina's always the last to die at Ragnaros.
Some of the great new things Blizzard has in game are bosses you can summon. EQ started this concept though they sucked at it, and Phank has always encouraged this kind of event on our Insight page. It's been a lot of fun to work on these together. Hopefully soon we can summon Gastnot's dude in SIlithus!
A new thing we have been getting are bosses that go from 15% to 0 in seconds due to all our new power, and in no small part the warrior army.
Yeah, he got a little big that time....
So what a fun week. We really pulled together and had fun doing old school places and helping each other out. I wonder if we can get our skills together to beat Rag over the next two months. We've only attempted him 3 times, and we know it just takes skill. Just skill....AND HORDES UPON HORDES OF GEAR.
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