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Christmas 60's

Christmas vacation means many things to Phank. It means time to game with friends and family, time to eat with loved ones, and Olriech in IRC. Many of us come from families of gamers, and so even if we weren't online we were playing auction poker, Cranium or Settlers of Catan after dinner with yummy deserts close by.

Some of us traveled, so we are once again behind the bulk of the pack, but that's ok. Leveling is quite fast in WoW. In fact, Olriech, Svolthoh and Kaellana hit 60 this week. Here are some of that crews images from Ol:
Note his new computer! We can now read his text!
our weekly nerf warlocks image.
They finished an awesome quest line that starts at level 40ish, and lasts for 20 levels it seems. I believe this is them finishing it. They wiped out once, got dinner and came back for the battle.
Battles like this, we all love.
The above image is some spoiler crap Olriech always tries to send me to make me cry. So I cropped it so they can remember this moment, and I can protect all of you from crying.

So Nobby also sent in some images.

Nobby loves fashion.
As the Ogre says, thanks Nobby for those screenshots. Now it was Christmas also in game, and Crash sent in a couple shots too. He also sent in the book from in game if you didn't do the quest. Here is the Feast of Winter Veil
Thanks Crash for those! And now for my small amount of screenshots, since I was in 70 degree weather this week...
Gracor cracked himself up by getting a person to throw a snowball at him, and then Feign Deathing. It made for hours of laughs.
Hope everyone had a great holiday, and now I must start on the Big Ass Quote Page 2004. See you next year...
This just in - Euthynos got cast grow and then drank a grow potion and became godzilla....
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