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The Season Bright

Happy Holidays, Phank! Cru here, welcoming you to the last update of the year! 2005 was thrilling, challenging, and loaded with great memories. The best part was spending time with friends, both old and new. Many people have been on vacation this week -- traveling, visiting family and friends, eating and eating, sharing RL phat lewt, and i'm sure longingly awaiting the day they can return to their gaming family and play. :D

Now let me present (pun intended) the update to you... in song. <clears singing voice>

Phank is roasting from a dragon's fire

Whelplings nipping at our nose

Skellies rotting all around us again

Deep breaths, learning to avoid those

Everybody knows how much fun Molten Core can be

Good times and challenges, none the same

WoW must have thought things were going too well

And made us start all over again

We had such fun this holiday

And big ol' Greench too had to play

Quests, gifts, and snowball fights and mistletoe

And even reindeer helped us to and fro

And so to all our friends and family

From levels 1 to 60 too

We're glad you are here, sharing fun and good cheer

Merry All Days to you

Some extra screenshots to keep you warm this winter week...
Phank, you make all our seasons bright.

See you in the new year!

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