HoHoHorde - by Cru

Happy Phankmas! Merry Pistachio! Here's hoping your holidays so far have been wonderful!

We made our own holiday cheer this week. On Monday we went to Onyxia's lair. Even Veeza got to go!
Yeah, it grossed me out, too. But I had to share.
Somehow our first attempt ended in a wipe. This screenshot does not show the cause -- this is several of us going to the whelp pit to cause our quick demise after the wipe call was announced.
But on our second attempt, we got us some DRAGON!
Later in the week, Phank went to Molten Core. This was the first time we headed in as a guild to do more than just farming
-- we intended to take down some bosses Phank-style! We had no idea how far we'd get, only that we intended to phocus and do some serious dps. Well, guess what? We cruised right through to Shazzrah -- stopping after that for sleepy sleepertons and early-morning workers.
Holy hotdog, Batman!
Jaly sent in awesome shots of a druid kiting Teremus the Devourer to the young king in Stormwind.
And another from Jaly!
Many Phankers did all the holiday quests last year, but there were still a few going after the Greench this week. Others spent much of the week doing -- you guessed it -- PvP!
Oh, but those little red Santa hats were still coveted by many. A group of us 007'ed it to Voone to snag some.
Look at all those jolly Santas!
Happy Holidays, everyone! See you next year! And next week!
Cownan's comment when he saw this image? "You're like a fancy belt charm on me!" Dork.
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