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The Monastery, BRD and Mind Control

Another busy week, many of us are going to be spending the holidays out of town so we are not guilting ourselves to go outdoors much. Expecially in the negative 10 degree crap some of us are getting right now.

This week we had many in Scarlet Monastery, some in Uldaman, some in WC, some in BRD.

Let's get right to it. I shall start with a couple shots Brithrax sent in of their team, who are doing RFK and other adventures.
He also got this sceenic photo:
Once again this is a big update. I said I was going to make them shorter, but it's hard! Next weeks will be short because we are all doing the holiday thing, I promise! So some of us went into the Monastery this week. We started at level 33-35 in the library. So it was a great challenge.
Well, Jumpp asked for it. I took images of as many books as I could find, and here they are:
We went back to the library a couple times. One time even Kinthalas came with us. We had a debt to collect.
So SM was great fun. We look forward to completing all the bosses like Jaly, Thuggo, Lothaar, Euthynos and Zobb. Here are some shots Jaly sent in on their adventures:
They also did Uldaman. Which us Enchanters have to do asap to train ><
It's just awesome to see groups forming up to meet the leveling challenges. As Jumpp said "Everyone's got their squads, but it's not all clannish or anything." This is gonna help us big time in the high end.
Now I would like to take a moment to talk about Phank's Customer Service experiences. On the whole they have been average. The responses take too long, and most times the que is broken. The GM's are very nice, and some of us have good experiences.  However our high end people have not had great experiences. Most waiting for 2 days to get a response. Now I know response times are hard, but depending on how a GM reacts makes all the difference.
GM's should NEVER preach. They should never talk to a customer like they are a 13 year old child that needs to learn a lesson. They should say nicely what they can do and can't, that they are aware of the problem, or they are going to report the problem and try and fix it. They should also tell the player how they can reach a higher up person than them, a lead GM to continue their issue if not helped enough.

In hospitals they are learning that their first responses to a persons complaint can be the difference in a law suit or not. GM's could learn from this and never talk down to their customers.

Since we are on the topic of the Svol, Kae, Kinth, Nay, Olriech team, let's check out what Ol sent in:

Note: every week ol sends in a solo kill with the title "Nerf Warlocks" and this is this weeks!
The above one is them killing that invis dragon thing, which is quite the accomplishment for a group. Now on with the week's massive amount of ss.
And here is Ol, rubbing it in that his eyes glow with a hoodie and even through smoke.
And Zandor (Tabris) Got his Defias mask!
We also played a bunch with mind control. I don't think the text here will do it justice, but the first time Subvertio mind controlled a little pigman and started hopping around and then hopped himself off a cliff was about the funniest thing I have seen in a while.
Mind control is just a blast.
More of us have gotten a taste of some PvP, I think it works well with you having the option to do it or not.
We also fought Nobbynob's evil brother.
And we attacked the bad guys village.
Sorry again for the huge update, imagine how much I had to cut out! Anyways, life is good, gaming is fun, and the holidays with family is coming up. Hope you all have a nice break, Merry Christmas and happy winter solstice to those of you that are gonna commune with nature. See you on the Big Ass Quote Page 2004....
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