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Naked UBRS and a Big Cat

I am surprised to look back at this weeks screenshots and see so many fun nights. The ones that stand out most are Zul Grub, Naked UBRS and the Night of Failures.

I will start with Zul. We get to go here about once a week. The rest of the time we are either helping each other with smaller instance runs or our 2 nights a week MC partnership.

We keep as many spoilers out of ZG as possible. It's hard to avoid them all, like I think we have a good idea of how many bosses there are in the zone and which ones are known to be too hard or too easy. After our usual successes (snake and bloodlord are requirements when we go) we decided to go to new territory.
And the new territory killed us. But we brushed off the dirt and went in with a new strat of how the new mobs work.
And we kicked ass. So we got to a new boss area. Learned we needed some stuff, Lothaar went to get said stuff, and we made a new event happen.
And we beat this boss on the first try. We got a very sophisticated weapon from the ordeal.
It was getting late, but we were excited to see more new bosses. We carried on through a whole lotta tigers, and got to another boss.
I really value us figuring stuff out. We don't have any know it alls going and gathering information from spoiler threads and trying to tell us all what to do. We save that stuff for our 40 player instances with the partnership (it's a nice compromise)
We tried about 3-4 times, each time getting farther. It was so intense and fun.
It was very late, so we called it a night, but what a great time. I love Phank and the way we figure stuff out together. Speaking of figuring stuff out, we have been trying to do onyxia in house, with just 24ish of us. We have tried 2 nights, and failed both times. This monday after failing we went to summon Gastnot's boss in Silithus.
He totally kicked our asses. But as you can see from the below image, I am not green, which means we figured out the secret to this one. Next time Hydra man we will be ready!
It's also holiday time in game again. Phank loves how Blizzard does the holidays.
And the hats on a couple bosses! So great.

Now one of the best times this week was Naked UBRS. A long time ago someone said, as we did UBRS for the 50th time, "Hey I wonder if we could do this naked."

We even made a little movie of it.

And we did other things too, just a nice little week.

One of us played some D&D Online. It sounds like a great game for a couple nights a week with a few friends.
Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy Hannukah. I think Cru is going to be doing the updates for the next two weeks. I wonder if tomorrow will bring us another glorious 20 player instance. Ah so much to do in the land of WoW.
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