Joyful and Triumphant - by Cru

All hail our glorious sponsor, the Pistachio, present at the Phank Portland get-together this weekend!

The holidays are upon us, and World of Warcraft has decorated accordingly, bringing back gingerbread cookies, Santa hats, holiday quests, and most importantly, snowballs!

Tons of PvP action this week -- including a rockin' undefeated night with Hjouse of Spjank -- and there were visits to Onyxia and Zul'Gurub. And lots of DC's, too -- compliments of Blizzard. Read on!

We started the week by heading to Onyxia. Everything seemed fine until some of us tried to zone in, and... crash! Then we had to deal with the ever-frustrating queue and/or being stuck at the zone-in screen.
Eventually we all made it back in, and we started the fight. Sadly, it was not a great moment of shining achievement that go-round. But our numbers were small, so...yeah, that's our excuse.
By the second attempt, more people had made it though the queue, so we summoned them to the lair. Triumph for Phank! Dragon slain.
PvP is the new playground for many Phankers. It's been a change of pace for many and a new focus for others with their eye on some pretty nice gear.
Here's Thuggo's hunter with her new bow.
Pretty much every night there's several of us in Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley, even Warsong Gulch on occasion. When it's most fun is when we hop on Teamspeak and get some organized action going. Phank FTW!
For a twist to our joint raids with Hjouse of Spjank, we joined up for some serious PvP battles in Alterac Valley and later in Arathi Basin. We so rocked that the Alliance barely had time to wonder what hit them. In AV the raids were more than half filled with people from Phank and Hjouse of Spjank. I'm not sure what our maximum joint numbers amounted to, but it was a lot!
Horde wins! Again and again and again...!
Funny -- and sad -- thing is, it was as though WoW couldn't handle our glorious slaughter of the Alliance. The moment we'd win, we'd all get booted out to our character-select screens. In some cases we'd get booted in the middle of the raid and have to hop back in. Sometimes we'd get stuck trying to just get back into WoW. Mostly we all made it back in each time, but oh how annoying.
Screenshots truly can't do justice the fun we had that evening.
Final score for Alterac Valley: 7-0! Final Arathi Basin score: 4-0! Phank/HoS undefeated! FOR THE HORDE!!!
On Sunday, Phank headed into Zul'Gurub with the plan to take down a few bosses.
We ran into a few complications with the Bloodlord, but a change of strat proved successful. Phank >.
We headed toward the spider boss, but we were losing too many peeps by that point, so after one attempt, we called it a night.
Turns out that if you start a snowball fight, it's really hard to stop!
Happy Holidays, Phank! If you are traveling this week, be safe!
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