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This week many Phankers went into overdrive attempting to catch up. Catch up to what? Many of us are trying to catch up with a friend that levels faster than us. We all have that friend. Only a small few of us ARE that friend. The one that is ahead, that somehow has a bit more time to level and quest. Some of us are even trying to catch up our alternative characters to play with someone who levels slower than yourself.

I would say the majority of players out there feel a little left behind. You think "I play 4 hours a night! I should be seeing some gold in my backpack!" But of course you are poor. Well just know you are not alone. Only 10% or less are at a point where they have a good amount of gold, and are on the forefront of leveling. So remember why you play, which can be done at any level, and certainly does not take 10 hours a day to achieve.
-from Brith
It's all about the challenge with friends. Wiping horribly then coming back that day, or the next and winning can be done at level 10 or 60.
-from Olriech
Even the bulk of us in the middle can achieve this great goal.
So my best advice is to level close to some guildies, organize instance crawls and get to the death and honor. Personally I have made a deal with Gracor, that he will level slower and I faster so we can meet in the middle of our play time. I also have an alternative character that I love playing to hang with Crash. Other teams like Nay/Olriech/Kaellana/Svolthoh/Kinthalas try to stick close to each others levels too.
Phank as you know has grown a lot this game since a lot of good friends from past games have joined us. Due to this we have a couple guild chat rules to keep us all sane and not annoyed. We never want to tune out guild chat.
One of these rules is "/gu for questions /tell for answers." We don't want a buncha spoilers in /gu. The other is to try and consider everyone in /gu. To think "does everyone in chat need to hear me all bored and rambling?" before typing. As Jumpp said, he sure would like to sing a line or two in /gu but if everyone did that it would suck. This can be a bit hard when soloing and lonely, but I've learned to group with friends while soloing anyways for chat.

So a few phankers hit the 50's this week, and a few phankers joined us again....

Kinthalas got a special mask...
And here is their whole group looking fashionable...
Ah Phank has such style.

We got out Tabards this week too.

The highest phanker crew went to many instances this week, and Olriech sent in images from their adventures:
I think their whole group now has pets. I have maybe 9 gold atm, but I remember from beta how once you are in your late 30's it becomes much easier to get that 100g of evil.
Earlier in the week a group of us went into BFD. Here I am trying desperatly to organize a screenshot.
Quickly afterwards we wiped to the boss and called it a night. Alas!

The next day three of us with no healer went back in. Moving carefully and stocked up on potions we made it all the way to the last boss.

Then Gracor's and Jumpp's brother Subvertio logged on and he is a priest. We added him and defeated the end boss.
This boss dropped a nice item. However we had the loot on group loot and Jumpp died in the fight. This then bugged him to not be able to loot the item. So from now on we are having it on Round Robin style looting.
So the next day, and all of us now at the high end of the recommended level range for this zone, went in again.
We made it to the end again, and we also found two other bosses and finished the damn quests in there, and we beat the boss. Alas, the item we wanted wasn't on him. So what do we do?
We went back in again. And he didn't have the item again. So exhausted we went to play our 15s with Crash.
Which was a blast. It's fun learning different group strats since classes really do matter here.

We also went back to that other instance, I forget the name.

Once again, a handful of people levels 25-30 enjoying the same kinda excitement any tough and well earned adventure rewards. Just wish a couple of my other friends were my level! But I can hardly keep up this level, so how could I expect a mother of two to do the same!
Solo'ing can be very rewarding also. This game made great adventures for the solo player. I actually look forward to some of that alone time. I have really enjoyed Thousand Needles.

I am on Kinth, and kinth is on Phank.

It was another great and full week. It's a quick climb in WoW, and I can't say I am disapointed. I look forward to us all being raid level within a few months. I want my lower play time friends to be side by side with me, and I want to be side by side with my faster leveling friends. But until then the climb is still fun and I hope the time it takes gives blizzard time to get some heavy raid action later on! And now your moment of zen.
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