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Perfect Zul

We've been pushing against the big Ragnaros Hump of Suck to get enough face time with him to practice, and enough gear to do the job. It sucks, but once we are over that it should be a nice difficulty ramp again.

Until then we hammer away two nights a week in MC.

On large raids all it takes is one or two people to ruin events. Which is why some might consider 40mans harder than your 5man. It's a pretty lame excuse though since one of the hardest zones is 20man. Zul Grub is harder than MC skill wise. We say this because we have gone in with no spoilers and each time we are there we are met with the most difficult challenges yet. Each person has to do their job well and be alert the whole time.

This Friday we did just that. It wasn't our gear, half of the people were playing their alts. It wasn't the amount of hard core players vs more casual (a big hit on the wow forums) because we had our share of both. It was simply some of the best gaming I have had in a while, and funnest too.

Everyone was very aware, and stepping up to be top notch. We were feeling confident so we headed to the dreaded SpiderLady which we have never beat.
And after a loss we beat her, and beat her with style. Some people had to go to bed but the remaining phanks forged on to our old friend bat lady.
And we totally lost.
But that's what we do. We love ending on losses. So we can't wait to get back in there again and repeat the magic. One would think it's easy to do a lot of Zul Grub since we only 40man raid 2 times a week (in our partnership). But we are still a buncha people that take nights off, help friends get where we got (UBRS runs) and most of the time we just don't have the numbers for Zul. Which is fine by us.

We also tried Onyxia in house with I think 24 people. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. We are going to try it again this week. We think we can do it. We know it's possible because a shaman and his grandma beat ony a couple weeks ago. (a shaman and grandma is a bit of a joke that any time you think you are doing something with few people there's always someone doing it with less.)

We are getting a lot of full sets now. Unfourtunatly repetition is causing people to suck in MC and we arn't playing as well as we should. I think bordom sets in and gosh I have no idea, people watch tv play playstation at the same time or something.

This means not as much face time with Ragnaros.

So it was a nice week, an outrageous amount of helping phankers went on. By helping people get keyed for Onyxia we help all of Phank, so thank you to all those that continue to do one more Warlords Command, one more Dragon's run. And thank you to all those that show up at MC and pay attention even though we've done it a bunch now. We are at a gaming gate right now, one Blizzard tossed in to entertain the ubers for a couple months. So now the casual raider must pay for the high end raiders speed. But we will do it. Due to the people that keep going, that keep paying attention and trying to do their best each raid.

And a special thanks to those strange enough to do things like run 4 naked NE's to our AH and die.

Phank on!
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