Before the Storm - By Veenu

Many Phankers have been running on empty for up to a year. They log in, raid, and yell a bit or they don't log in at all and go shoot at blue rocks in EVE. We have been sustaining off the goodwill of our newer friends and family members and those long term Phankers that log in for the love over all else.

Well Blizzard threw us a bone this week, which was very smart thinking. They released the new talents and glorious new PVP. So with gleaming eyes we logged into a new world.

Seems the arena's were griefing the servers. So we waited.
Some of us waited in style (thuggo's alt already has fashionable pvp gear)
But eventually we got in. We aimed for AB since most of our weapons come from there.
Even Phankers who swore off PvP gave it a try like Cownan on his alt Aundine. I suspect now that he can't get a title he is less opposed to it.
Most of the Phankers are new to PvP. We have about 15 really skilled PvPers though. Half of us I would say also have epic mounts while the other half are still too poor. Not a lot of epic mounts and very few healers can spell loss.
But more times than not our largly noobish pack won. Well at least when I was on so it's FACT.
What's also nice is returning from a long break, I think over half a year, and meeting new Phankers. 
Ah the graveyard is a familiar site in AB.
How romantic.
Many of us did AV as well.
Oh it's just a little mage guarding the tower, no problem!
So PvP has brought new life to the game for many of us, and also lets us attain some nice purples without being dependant on 39 other people all showing up and performing top notch.
So good times as usual, and nice to be back in game a bit. PvP is the new parents best friend!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and Hannukah and I will see you in the new year when Cru and I take turns doing the update.

Phank on!

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