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Ice Ice Baby

On Friday night we decided to do Zul Grub again. The zone is a blast, and it's a great place to show off our crowd control skills.

So yeah, there will be a lot of shots with ice cubes and sheep....

We also had a couple wipes, not too many, and it was starting to just get goofy fun.
For one thing, no one could roll over 10.
We also used our ninja skills to move around the zone...
It's very entertaining to do a raid recovery in tight quarters. Kinda slapstick humor.
And then the frost traps begun....
And the frost traps just kept coming.
And then the snowballs...
And no one brought a repair bot, so we had to run out and repair!
And then engaged the boss. With of course.....
And we ended it on a battle won by two phankers while the rest of us dirt napped.
So that was our Zul night. We also had some adventures in MC, including our second visit to Ragnaros.
We got lots of nice items.
And took baths in liquid hot magma.
And near wipes.
And discussed our lack of warriors (Bigg, Gheltire, and a few others are on their way to rescue us)
And then we wiped. To one of our easy bosses. Sure we had only a couple tanks, some not even prot, and only a couple warlocks, but come on, we can do this fight easy!
We finally figured out our flaw in our plan by the 4th wipe and called it a night.
So we came back on our second MC night and got revenge with a gloriously easy fight.
It was a glorious night, and time for the ritual slaying. This time it was death by hot coals.
And we attempted Ragnaros for the 2nd night. It was fun as usual, and daunting. We have to up our DPS a whole lot to beat this guy. I would say double our DPS. Check out a screenshot of him on Jumpp's new monitor! Also check out a ss of Ragnaros dreaming of fodder.
The best part of the Rag encounter (which we tried 2 times this night) was the second time we tried strats no one has heard of being done. New stuff, using our own wits and insanity. Of course they didn't work, but they might!
And now because a few phankers were buggin me, I have an IRC comic. As I went through some of my IRC screenshots I found this one too, from our gnome adventures.
Now here is the ICR comic

I will put it in the right place soon, and get more!

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