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Happy Phanksgiving! by Cruella

It was a holiday week for many of us Phankers. Some went out of town; some stayed home and gamed; some went out of town and still gamed. We took a break from the big MC and instead phankfocused on some smaller instances and basic leveling and farming and such. But first we had a very memorable visit to Onxyia with Hjouse of Spjank…

We were a 40-full raid. But the big brute of a dragon had some tricks up her sleeve.
And so we wiped…
But we were not intimidated and instead rose to the challenge.
And wiped again. And again.
And again.
After each attempt a player or two left, so this next time we headed in with only 29 people. Guess what happened?
See, we were just teasing her those other tries. This time we meant it. And that was the end of Onyxia.

Holiday time made our numbers dwindle. But Thanksgiving or not, Phank always has plenty of turkeys. And Kamven tried to feed the masses.

Day after Thanksgiving, a group of us went to Scholomance. Instead of turkey, this day we had ham(s).
Other places visited included Stratholme, LBRS, Silithus, and, well, probably the rest of the 2 continents. Cownan took rather large pleasure at wiping us again and again in Strat, being that the Baroness chose him as her favorite possession, so to speak. It turns out there’s a reason why he gets to tank dragons and giants and other monstrous whatnot. He’s hard to kill. Possessed, he just stomped on the rest of us. Eventually we got past the Baroness. Some group changes, then off to the Baron we went. Nothing feels better than a 5-person score on the Baron on the first try! Ok, well, plenty of other things feel better than that, but it still feels really good!
By Sunday the Phank masses began to return. It was time to revisit Zul’Gurub! We learned that pulling when half the raid is afk is a questionable strategy.
We accidentally killed Spot on purpose. Does that make sense? Well, it does if you are Phank.
We had our ups and downs during our raid. But we downed 3 bosses and took on a new one—Lothaar’s fish foe! And what a fun fight. We’ll actually win next time when we aren’t short dps and healers.
Here are some blasts from the past – or at least since the last update I did.
Happy Phanksgiving!
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