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World of Warcraft - Week 1

It's here. And the gang is back together. On the first night we had almost our entire roster over our entire existence show up. That means around 35 people. Bigger than we had expected.

Yet somehow chat is lovely, no one is a jerk or annoying, and we love everyone with the tag.

It of course begins in noobie land.
All of us seeing people we havn't gamed with in months, even years.
So we all set out, started our little quests and found our people that level at our pace.
The second day sucked. Lag was out of control. People were falling out of zeplins into uncharted waters and everyone was dying from lag.
But they fixed it, and fast. Thank goodness. A lot of us started on our first instance the next day. Most of us wiped at least once, some of us got lost, but that's how it should be, and would'nt be if we were doing the same places again. Aaah, Horde...
Olriech, Naydien, Selenajra, Svolthoh, Kaellana and Kinthalas are all in our fastest leveler group. Note that's 6 people not 5, sigh. Olriech and Nay sent some shots in from their adventures.
Olriech is a PvP'er at heart so his computer is always on the lowest settings. This means you really have to try hard to read his text, but I put it in anyways because it helps with context :P
They ended up in some really tough low level dungeon in their high 20's. They were killing mobs they should not be killing in true Phanker style.
Also in true Phankish fashion they wiped big time and kept going back for more.
And here is another dungeon they went in.
And then they got ported to some kinda void.
Here are some of Naydien's screenshots.
Oh, and this one below is one of Olriech's again. Looks like he made them all hats, how cute!
Brithrax also sent a screenshot in. He has some kinda amazing computer of glory. So he sent a high rez shot in to make us all weep. Here it is.

So let's see...where was I....

So all the Phankers hunted in their barren landscapes, flew on their ugly lion bats and told bad jokes with bad puns.
I just love this BTW. It's as if the Orc decided to make their own Night Elf style tree guardian.
During the lag some played EVE or Rome. Nay sent some beautiful ss in.
So it has been a great week. Many of us got to see family and friends on Thanksgiving and got to finally start leveling up in a game we feel has lasting power. Well all of us but Naydien feels that. We shall see, but until then it's just wonderful being with all our friends again.
Phank on.
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