Giving Phanks - by Cru

Thanksgiving always has an interesting effect on Phank. Some of our regulars disappear for holiday family gatherings, and some Phankers get to play more because of the holidays. It was a relaxed week, but Phankfully we still had wild times aplenty.

Plus our usual turkeys...

Last week we ended with the first half of Zul'Gurub. We did go back on Monday with plans to finish off Hakkar.
Things started off well. We headed to the panther boss first. And smoked her.
But WoW had other plans for us. We had scarcely killed the priestess when... the server failed.
Not only did we have looting troubles, we couldn't even log out. Fortunately, so to speak, the server eventually booted us. See you another time, Zul'Gurub!
In other news, we've been hitting up UBRS a lot lately, working on getting more people Onyxia keys. Woot!
And we also ventured to AQ20 to hit on the first boss -- and to let him hit on us a bit. Scorpion-bug-thing deaded!
There were trips to LBRS, too.
Yeti power!
Hog heaven!
(ok I stole that from Moirinamage)
And also trips to BRD! Blackrock Mountain sure saw lot of Phankers this week. Except for Molten Core, for a change, lol.
One group even headed off for adventures in the Blasted Lands and Azshara. Rawr!
Xexor has been working on his hunter epic. Demons deaded! Yay, Xexor!
Over the weekend a few Phankers decided to go to Strat dead side for some fun. Just a quick run to the Baron. Nooooo problem, right? Well, somewhere along the way, things started going screwy. We weren't sure if there was lag or weird bugs or what. But screwy it was. And yet we made it to the Baron, finally. And then what happened? Our priest's computer DC'ed in the middle of the Baron fight. Screwy --> screwed!
And so we headed back for revenge. It wasn't a perfect run, but we got what we went for!
Here are some great clips and pics from Xexor! Thanks, Xex!
Hope you all had a wonderful Phanksgiving! See you in the game!
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