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Goodnight Moon

The World of Warcraft Beta has ended. It's been a wonderful 8 months. Thank you to Monty, Cindal, Olriech, and Hoturi for getting such a large chunk of us in. It is so nice to have a game that has lasted us that long, and we still want to climb the ladder again.

We played as Alliance mostly. And so in release we play Horde.

First I will start with Olriech and Naydien saying goodbye to their characters. It was a great idea. Nay thought of it since he's used to these beta endings. They went up to Darnasus to record their level 60 achievements.
Great idea, we should have done a peace circle!

So this was the last day, and the GM's gave us an event - as all great betas do. Large beasts that turned us all into chickens. Olriech sent a buncha these in.

Here's a couple I took, some kinda disco party and too many people on mounts...
Phank still has a couple people in Everquest 2, and Brithrax sent in a couple shots. You can click on the image for the big picture to see the whole interface etc...
Nobby sent in some shots too.
And a couple more shots of Olriech's enslaved pets:
So it's a little hard to say goodbye to your characters in a beta, but we can not wait to start again.

So goodnight FFXI...

Goodnight WoW beta...
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