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Deep Breath

This week we had one of the best MC runs ever, well until domo when lag kicked in. We also had one of the worst Onyxia runs ever, but it was damn entertaining to watch (dead on the floor.)

So let me start with Onyxia. Something we have down, but well, we seriously sucked at this week. Funny how that can happen.

Yes, we were having a horribly bad night.
Even Cruella's solo attemt couldn't down her.
So we tried again. And again.
And then in the third stage we had a ten left.
She was down to 2%.... and we lost.
It was a glorious loss though. And sometimes glorious losses are better than the wins.

And wow did we win in MC this week. We decided to set the fastest pace ever, chain pulling and not waiting for medding. We talked about where we could cut down on time, and implemented the changes. Most people that do MC know some guilds can do it in 3 hours. There was no way in hell we were going to do that, but it's not about the other guilds, it's about us and breaking out own records.

And we did. In a big way.

And that was the first night. In 3 hours we killed Mag to Shzra (however you spell that arcane snake.) And killed some extra dogs for skins on top. It was speedy as hell and low deaths. Sometimes when your guild's game starts to slip it's not about slowing down and getting your bearings, it's about challenging them MORE. Now we returned on Sunday for the other half, and our eyes on a real challenge to Rag.
We are finally finishing some of our sets! It's very exciting to have your friends get a full outfit.
So we got to Major Domo, and here is what we looked like before engaging:
Then lag happened, we all froze for about 3-5 minutes. And when our screens began to animate again here was what we saw:
So we got back up, and waited for the lag to go away.
And it was only getting worse.
Yay lag! Anyways, we had other adventures this week to. A few ubrs runs and such.
As you can see sometimes, well most of the time, when things go wrong they make for more interesting updates. The MC stuff was all pretty, but kinda boring until lag set in, and onyxia only makes the news when we have a horrid time. I remind myself about this in life too. The best tales come from trials and the unexpected.

And with that, have a great Thanksgiving week with family and friends!

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