Grin and Bear It - by Cru

Hey, Phank! Thanks Jaly, Gracor, and Linina for doing some updates while I took a break!

We continue to wait eagerly and sometimes impatiently for WoW's Burning Crusade expansion, now expected in January, but we're not sitting around twiddling our thumbs and hooves. Several of us are enjoying other games for a change of pace, and others are working on alts and old quests. Still others are collecting gold for the new mounts. All in all, we're doing what we can to fill the time. Not that it's that easy to wait! But supposedly there's a new patch around the corner. That will keep us busy!

Our big raids of the week were in AQ20 and Zul'Gurub. In AQ we stopped at the General, due to the late hour. We had two attempts on the General fight -- we got robbed the first time! But we smoked him the second. The hardest part about wiping on that fight is having to fight all the waves of mobs again just to get him to respawn. Dare I say, it bugs us?
Our Zul'Gurub trip scored us kills of Bat Lady, Snake Guy, Bloodlord, and Spider Chick, where we stopped for the night. Tune in next week to find out whether we did ZG Part 2!
No matter how many times one goes to Dire Maul North, that ogre dance just never gets old.
Kottie has quite the lean.
Here are some shots from another trip to DM later in the week.
Ever wanted to go to DM West from DM North? You might want to reconsider. It is not a group hug those trees are giving the Phankers in the center there.
Stratholme Live! Think Apsilin is admiring that undead mob's teeth?
With some people on various stages of the Onyxia key series, and others needing to finish up the 0.5 quests, we had numerous runs to Upper Blackrock Spire.
Our first attempt at Lord Valthalak in the Beast's Room was... well... ok, we got pwned.
So we headed back to UBRS another night.
Happily this time we pwned Lord Valthalak on the first try.
Here are Thuggo and Lonneke in their new complete 0.5 gear sets. Grats!
Well, I know I was on a break, but I still had to take some screenshots during the past few weeks. Enjoy!
Halloween wands gave Phankers much amusement, well beyond Halloween week. Actually, they still do, thinking about it...
Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Eat lots! Safe travels! Come raid with us stuck-at-homers!
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