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Dance Party OG!

We had some interesting talks about raiding, we have 3 official raid nights now, and we were disgussing adding a zul raid night. Right now we just say "hey who wants to raid zul" instead of a sign up or a firm start time. In the end we arn't really on in force every night, and lots of people like taking time off to play twinks, 5mans or be offline. Either way, it's just us trying to balance all wants in Phank. And it's nice to have Bigg back as a tank again.

And also nice to see some phankers almost 60 for the first time.
And just a buncha goofing off.
-from xexor
-from euthynos
-from xexor
-from xexor
Now Sunday night we had some terrible lag, right as we set up for MC. Then our server crashed.
So Linina says her friend wants help starting a guild on another server. So a few of us make orcs and trolls to help out.
And the duels began.
And people began taking off all their clothes.
And then more and more hjouse and phank began logging in.
Then our server came back up and the dance party ended.
Phank on those that are willing to be a dork. You make our gaming worlds much more interesting...
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