Brutal - By Linina

This week was BRUTAL. For a terrible thing happened. An unimaginable thing.... went down. And we're not just talking about a little temporary outage, it went down in a blaze. For a while it even appeared we had scrapped the gaming "business" and gone into selling household improvements or something. But don't be alarmed, this was not due to our web admins Vee and Cownan, no sir. This was due to amazingly horrid service by our host, FUITADNET. We are back and running with a new host, but I for one had serious forum withdrawals this week without it

Here we are approaching Wyrmthalak.

Also note the TMI moment in /gu, courtesy of Lothlarien and wife Kizmet.
So the rest of us (my personal favorite small pet, the chicken, included) ran out to turn in the quest for pahg. I ran with in case some healing would be needed for a respawn or two...

Ok wait the PANDA CUB is my favorite small pet but i don't have that....*eyes woapin*

Until we remembered we had dropped down to go to wyrm so getting wouldn't be quite as easy as 'running out'. Stone it is, then.

Friday - phank did various things (not enough to field ZG).

Tuesday night was strat night. I think we had a thuggo/woapin group in live strat for .5 quest stuff, another dead side group and then this dead side group that I was in. We went strictly for legs (not even close to 45 min) and had our personal favorite wipe at the boss near the trap. it is a phank tradition to walk too far to the right and then agro this massive group. Another fav is to back up a smidgen when preparing to step into the trap here and agro them. Same group, multiple ways to pull it and wipe you. fun!

Wednesday - discussing what to do for the evening leads to some interesting dialogue...

which further blossoms into even more dialogue (which i captured on woap's i sat in the queue changing accounts....ugh!

story 1 is about one potential root cause of thuggo's occasional grumpiness from childhood.

story 2 is poor Fip (baby on the way) discussing grandparents.

and of course, you may have noticed.... Woap has fallen in love with a Shaman. Himself. Here he is doing 'pwnage' in 'pvp'... or something. Note that he is both the horde flag carrier as well as fighting the alliance carrier....

Thursday was ZG night for phank. This included many alts and was a great success. Apparently Bachavi on Stabberz (you guessed it, rogue) learned a thing or two about meleeing the bloodlord before the night was over...I heard rumblings of a nasty whirlwind that does 4500 dmg and how Stabberz doesnt have 4500 hitpoints....

pretend you see beautiful ZG images of fun here.

Another geeky moment when /gu turned to entertainment talk...

Here i am in toontown suffering this stupid annoying quest with as crappy a drop rate as Ras Frostwhispers mage shoulders.... (which if you didn't know i had around 25-30 attempts on before i got for Lonneke - see phank paint contest for another vent about that)

and you cant do any other quests until I get done, thus the 3 blank quest holders. grr.

However Friday night at 1 in the morning in a PUG it finally dropped for me....woot. then i went to bed :)

In addition at the bottom you see Gracor/Bachavi logging in. He's my "friend" so i get an alert ;)

more woap pwnage
Saturday....we finished up omokk and voone for Malfarm. Amazingly enough the docs also happened to be at voone (score).

and then we rounded up the troops for some mid day dragons for ony keys. We had 2 mains and 1 alt on the quest....very efficient!

I love this shot for a couple reasons....can see most of the party here, the dragon looks cool, I'm a hot human form (woot!) and my bow is sweet. yay.

but, uh oh...wait a minute....I only see two skulls looted......

Foiled! By screaming children! Very phankish. Guess we'll be back to him again soon!

This week was BRUTAL. For a terrible thing happened. An unimaginable thing....

Saturday night....we made a triumphant return to Zul Gurub to battle the panther, the tiger, and of course hakkar. Each fight was a first try victory which is always nice...

Above we see the aftermath of an evil plot by Cruella on the panther boss to skew the DPS meter numbers in her favor by using massive AE the entire fight. We have had an outburst of people trying to improve dps and getting trackers and things to help in that.

And once again Hakkar goes against phank tradition and drops a great weapon! Grats to Kozzae!

Sunday was joint Molten Core with Ragnaros. We were off at Fip's baby shower and therefore woapin and I showed up only in time for sulfuron to domo.

Several good notes in this picture:

1. Look at that crapload of warriors. I had to move my chatbox in because they were overlapping my text! And not even a month ago we had that many shaman and just 3 phankish to have these class swings, and rather awesome!

2. Me and Sub talking about my new freshwater fish tank. I am having "issues" getting it going....which i am very upset about but the reality show ideas were quality, i think.

3. Woapin showed up in MC!

So then we worked Domo as well, rounding out a great joint raid with Hjouse. Only 2 items were DEed all night which rocks.

And that's all I have to say about that. Oh wait, one more thing. I will need a new web page editor if I ever special guest star update again. Forgive any typos and mistakes!



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