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The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Hit -- Err, Fall -- by Cru

Lots and lots of time spent in Zul'Gurub this week -- followed up with a trip into Molten Core. Phank and Hjouse of Spjank got Hakkar twice. Oh yes, we got Onyxia, too! The Molten Core raid was speeding along quite nicely until coming to an abrupt stop at Rags. But more about that shortly.

I wasn't at the first ZG raid, so I shall have to entertain you with pictures from the second ZG raid later in the week. I bet the images would have been pretty similar though!
Oh yes, the South Park episode with World of Warcraft aired this week. Too funny!
The joint raid also went and killed Onyxia. Some people had big names. The fight was fairly flawless.
A few screenshots from other Phank outings and miscellaneous...
On Sunday, we ventured into Molten Core with Hjouse of Spjank. Go go go, get the mob down, move on. Well, it worked great, except for that little wipe in the middle... It was just a little glitch!
I said it at the raid, I'll say it again here -- Golemagg standing in rock does not make for a good screenshot!
The run through the Molten Core bosses was remarkably smooth -- not perfect, but smooth. But then the trouble started when we got to Ragnaros. Simply put, we had not the dps -- many of our peeps were new or in need of gear. But we hung in there for several tries, our last try being the best. And that's something.
Slapped in the face by Ragnaros. Ouch.
Well, Phank -- that be the update! Have a great week!
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