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Something happened this week. Something happened to our partnership with Hjouse of Spjank. We don't know how it happened, though we can see many reasons for it. We as a partnership became bad ass. We thought we were cool before.

We had no idea.

We gathered on Thursday to start Molten Core. This was our raid:
We started in.
We got to the first boss in record time, killed him with ease. Something we have done before. We continued on.
We got to the second boss, took him down... our time was looking fast for us...
We took our normal 15 minute break and started back in.
Chopping down things like nothing, our DPS was sick.
And to another boss which didn't even dent our pace.
We were supposed to stop at this point, but we were so ahead of our time we went for another. With our two warlocks.
Again, boom.
We were amazed by our skill and effeciency. Who were these two guilds? How did we all of a sudden rock so hard? We finally saw how guilds could do MC in a few hours. We finally became a group that could do the same. So why not one more?
Ok so we died our first horrible death. So on that note we camped to come back on Sunday. Could we match the quality of Thursday's raid again? Was it a fluke? Were we really amazing or was it just luck?

As the raid formed it was completely different from Thursdays. This made us all nervous.

But we had way more priests since a couple DPS'ers played them for the raid. We've never had so many priests before. We started in.
And my god it was happening again. You could feel it even at the start. Our DPS was amazing, in no small part to our rogue army.
We zigged. We zagged.

And in record time we got to the boss that killed us last night, and got revenge. I would like to say it was an easy battle, but it wasn't. It was one of those "ok let's wipe" and then "but wait! He's back up!" to "Oh shit! We are gonna win omg GOGOGOGO" kinda fight.
And we carried on to the next boss. Our rogue army says hi.
And another fight done with style. And mad speed. Onward!
It was happening again. It wasn't a fluke. Our partnership bumped up a notch, a huge notch.

So we got to Major Domo for our 3rd time ever (this is due to us shifting our two MC nights around.) We have beaten him once.

We fought well, but not good enough. We got up and tried again.
And we destroyed the event. Pure destruction. No rezzers. Only a couple deaths.
Then we all got naked and had a naked race out. Real Taurens wear pink, as you can see below.
And we began again, heading towards our first glipse of the end of MC. The great Ragnaros.
Everyone was on high, you could feel the excitement.
We made a left where so often we had gone right. 
And into the lair we go.... WARNING THERE WILL BE SCREENSHOTS OF RAGNAROS --- SPOILERS!!!! ---- Do not view if you have not been to see him and hope to be surprised.
None of us have fought him for more than a minute, all of Phank has never seen the guy. We read some spoilers like "spread out, mobs spawn" Nothing prepared us for what we saw next.
Teamspeak was going insane with hoots and howls. It was so cool. And surprisingly we got him down to 62%! And spawned those thingies...
So we went back in again.
We tried 3 times, getting farther each time. We learned a lot. But the biggest thing we learned is we can do this, and we can do this soon. Ragnaros is our Christmas tree of flaming death and he will be raining down presents for all the Spjank and Phank before you can spell Hannukah.
Now, Oggutho sent in a screenshot from the raid highlighting our loot, which we don't normally do, but this was just too phat.
We did many other things this week, many new phankers and twinks are rising up, all around 40-50 now. It's neat to see who chooses what alts. Even Tharkis is almost 40.
So yeah wow, how did Molten Core become our UBRS? And in just 2 nights a week for a couple months. Soon Mr. Ragnaros, soon our top ninja skill squad of doom will get you, and pwn you...
From our forums, Gheltire has some speculation on the expansion:

Either will be panderens or Hillbillits

As opposed to the cultured Gnomes, the Hillbillits wander the fertile countryside of Azeroth's hills and meadows. Known for not bathing, marrying inside of related clans, and whistling tunes through widely seperated gaps in their teeth, the Hillbillits are formidable foes when agitated. Upon very rare occasion, one shall rise up among the Hillbillits with a work up front fun in the back hairstyle and be known as Hillmullet.

This new race cannot choose any class as class is not obtainable by Hillbillits. It will be able to forage, feud, and brew moonshine. The player shall be equipped with standard Hillbillit clothing: a woven straw hat, and overalls with a missing button. A modified shotgun will come in handy for shooting armadillos and Horde alike.

Join the Hillbillits! Marry your sister! Explore a to-wn! The adventure is yours!

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