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Sexy - by Jaly

We have been all over the place lately. Many folks still doing the 5 person stuff, occasionally we go kill Hakkar. We did most of MC on Thursday with Hjouse, good to see we filled up to 40 raiders pretty quick, alot of folks have been bumming with expansion right around the corner.

Warning: Beta shots incoming

Some of us were a tad frustrated with some progress, but I suppose that can be blamed on the doldrums before an expansion, or lack of content available to us for along time, since the same instances do tend to get a bit boring, and we cannot field the right make up for BWL/AQ40.

Luckily, I can skip all that since I am in the WoW beta. Neener Neener.

As exciting as that sounds, I am actually not even playing it after the first week I got in, by choice. I dont want to spoil it later when it releases, and since it is now pushed back to January 2007, that's plenty of time to check out everything, and I'd rather do that with the guild.

However I am still gonna post some pics I thought were cool of flora/fauna.

First off, a few of us wall walking/explorer types managed to find a way up the wall and found a big dude, Doom Lord Kazzak. He is apparently the level 70 version of his bad ol self, so since the server is mainly made up of the Tier 3 crowd uber guilds, we got myself and a warlock with another dude up to the secret area and then started summoning.

After we got 40 folks up there, we decided to see what we could do.

After a quick 30 seconds...

So that was neat, but to make sure morale was good for the next try if we had one, we decided to claim victory!

Yay phank for world first!

So, some other exploring over the last week or so will follow. It's Halloween time, so expect some groovy pics for next week 8)

I think these are the models for the non-epic flying mounts.

Rogue will love fighting behind these, they have Thong underwear, very saliva inducing for pixels.

They sky is really neat in some places

The land covered in neat trees and stuff

A visit from the Uber set

Some cute Blood Elf npc

A moth

Trade hub faction city (think velious)

And then something we have done once or twice

Who doesn't love just one more UBRS run.

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