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Zul and Dragon x2

Yay we killed Onyxia twice. We also love Zul. Good times.

Our 3rd trip in and Zul is still glorious. We love how challenging it is. Here is a spoiler shot, which really spoils nothing if you havn't seen it.
So we had a blast in there, killed familure bosses and tried a new one. We look forward to beating her next visit. Speaking of beating her's.... We killed Onyxia for our second time. It was our 3rd night in her lair, so we know we own her now.
Ok so it was a really close fight. But we had no rezzes going on!
Then since last time Jugernaught planted head we went to finally plant it ourselves. And they had planted it again! So we waited till the next day, made a peace circle around where we thought it would be and...
We were close!

Anyways it was a great week. We also did pleanty of smaller runs and an MC sunday. And talked about cylons.

Wow time is flying by. Phank's almost 4 years old. Most of us have been gaming with each other longer than high school. We've found ways to work together, work through differences, laugh cry etc... impressive.

And Happy Rosh Hashana, and Happy Thanksgiving (Canada) :)

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