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All Hallow's End

This week we went into BWL and had a buncha fun with halloween stuff.

We also did a special event which you will see at the end of our tale.

But first, into Blackwing Lair! The way to hard for us dungeon ;)

It was a great time, and we spent the right amount of time on it! Then we headed out to Zul Grub.
And it has been an awesome halloween week. The prizes are a lot of fun, and we didn't have a raid where at least half of us were in costume.
Such a good heart in this game.
Cool decorations too.
We also did a buncha other things like getting Needles (Crash) WC all done, and half of Gheltires WC. And Gobi's dragons.
Now, the above two trains may look exactly the same, but they are two different nights with two completely different groups. Well done!
(Cowtoby is in HoS not Phank)
Above is Cru and Cownan's little boy, kids love WoW too! I think he takes after his dad.
We had the cleanest most beautiful Onyxia kill ever this week. And we all brought our bobbing apples!
Cruella sent this top secret photo in.
Phank had a great week. We beat things we usually struggle on with style and we adventured into a new zone and once again realized it's not as out of our reach as some may warn.

But one event stands out from them all. And it's been a long time since we've done some wack crap....

Here it is, the Great Gnome Journey....

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