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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part - by Gracor

Ok here is my first update ever! You'll laugh. You'll cry.

You may even like it better than Cats.

Seems like people are logging in more lately. I wonder why....

Anyway, on to this week's fun. First off, and long overdue, was Phank's first "in-house" kill of Onyxia! Way to go guys!

We all paused for a quick nap and screenshot as you can see.

We also spent a little time in Zul Gurub...

Here's Jaly leading a couple people safely across the bridge of doom. Careful, Santa's Little Helper!
Things have been different since we know we're so close to The Burning Crusade. Yet we play this game first and foremost to overcome challenges with friends, so we keep raiding, even though we know our loot will be garbage in a matter of weeks!

Speaking of raiding, did anybody check if this guy is still available? We're probably too late.
Thursday, Phank and Hjouse decided to visit our friend AQ20. We brought along a dear friend...
Much fun was had by all. Special thanks to Kozzae for some great screenshots. Thanks for making this easy bud!
Sneak peek at the new dps priest set!

Disclaimer: The above statement is untrue.

We snuck in a Rend run for some Onyxia keywork too. I can't decide whether or not to mention the part about us wiping just past the locked door. I choose not to decide.
Welcome back, Hallow's End! We missed you!

Next up, snowball fights!

Ahh, Sunday morning. You get up early. Everyone else is asleep. Nothing to do but game. Let's get to the fun!
Ahh well. So it goes. Reminds me of a day long ago when Jumpp, Subvertio and I all got up at 5:00 a.m. to play FFXI. Too bad nobody was on and you needed a full group to leave town safely!

Nektar (Qor) has the most fun with a computer using dialup ever. Makes me wanna be a dialup dork again!

For now, it's mostly goofing off and playing alts until TBC! Oh man, we can't wait. Bring on the 25 entity content! Speaking of doing other stuff. Here's what some other Phankers have been up to whilst killing time pre-TBC.
Here's Sub in England doing his Dr. Who impression this week.
Here's Sub and the Mrs. adding insult to injury by going to Paris too. /jealous!
Here's Euthynos playing either Hello Kitty Adventures or X3: Reunion. You decide...

Looks like rock mining time!

And here's Jumpp in Eve Online land. Hi Jumpp!

And last but not least, here's a Phanker in Toon Town.
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