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Paint Me an Update -- by Cru

Welcome to the 2006 Phank MS Paint Gallery and this week's update! A few years ago, some Phank members got bored and created some fun stuff in Paint, and the tradition continues! Of course, as this is also our weekly update, our usual tales of Phank glory and destruction are mixed in, too.

Here's what we've done in years past.
2003 2004 2005
Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who sent stuff in!
-- Chawg
-- Xazax
-- Kamven
Mostly the week was relatively quiet. We did venture into Blackwing Lair and Molten Core with Hjouse of Spjank, and we also headed into Zul'Gurub for what's become a regular take-down of Hakkar.
At Blackwing Lair, we faced our familiar foes with familiar difficulty. While we eventually killed Razorgore, it definitely took a bit of work. We also faced Vael a bit, but mostly to get our feet wet again. Or burned, as the case may be...
Well, at least the doomed Vael fights are good for screenshots! Rest assured, someday we will have Vael shots with a different outcome!
-- Oscura
-- Thuggo
-- Naydien
-- Salabak
-- Gracor
Zul'Gurub, as usual, was spread over two nights. We focused mainly on priests and Hakkar-- and threw in the Bloodlord for a bonus fight.
We had a couple of mishaps at first on Hakkar, but our record still stands. Hakkar deaded!
-- Cownan
-- Veenu
-- Jaryl
-- Lothaar
-- Cru
-- Cownan
-- Linina
-- Jaly
On Sunday we went with Hjouse of Spjank to Molten Core. We stopped at Golemagg for the evening, due to a number of mishaps along the way. So hopefully we will get to head back on Monday to finish the zone.
That was a Shazzrah pull gone bad, lol -- notice the dog in the background? Yep, he came, too. Wipe!
-- Cru
-- Kamven
-- Cru
-- Chawg
Phank Kids! Always seeking ways to encourage imagination, creativity, and enchancement of computer skills -- being the good parents that we are (yeah, we're laughing at that, too) -- Cownan and I let our kids make their own art for the Phank Paint page.
-- Gnolan, 6
-- Torem, 9
Have a great week, Phank!
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