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What an odd week. We felt the need to fight things many times before winning them. I think the love of the corpse pile is a bit strong in Phank.

Well we had plenty! First we fought Onyxia 3 times before we decided to really win.
Look at the bones! But we came prepared, and a bat got the killshot.
So we went to turn in our head, and for the first time Juggs didn't have one in town.
Then on Sunday we went to MC. We made pretty good time, but man on some bosses we just wanted to die over and over. It was like "Oh I think I will forget how to do this to keep it interesting." Our partners had a bit of an exodus of their own recently, but even with that Sunday's raid had the highest turnout in months. I will just post the most memorable moments from Sunday.
Glorious corpse piles, you lovers of the dead.

I have to say two nights get the prize for most fun this week. Zul Grub and a small 5 man that shouldn't have been in LBRS.

First some quick shots of the small team going to Wyrm. Gheltire was 54, and Needles was 55. So it was off to a rocky start due to agro radius.

But once past that first drop we rocked the place. I love it when a couple of people who have never been in a zone are so top notch.
And we got needles the uberstaff. Good times. Now Jaly started up a friday raid which is always tricky, since us phankers sometimes leave the house. We had 13 people. We decided since that's too few to do what we know, why not explore!
We were all Apocalypse Now and shiz.
What's this? An abandoned camp!

And a tacklebox!

By this time we had a couple more join us, and of course a couple died getting to us. It's just how it goes, and of course a couple of us go back to save them, and then a couple more die. Good times...
And then we came upon a strange new area. 
So we made some adjustments.
And we cleared what we thought we needed to get the boss. But then we saw a voodoo pile.
And we sent Cors (mogkin) in to get it. And she got charmed. And ran to get all her other many friends.
So we decided to clear all that anyways. And we engaged this new, strange, manly boss.
And we totally died. (spoiler shots)

So we started trying all kinds of strats. It was a lot of fun, and lots of great ideas.

But the strats were not enough, for it was late and we decided to stop. Next time, we think... We have enough strats but things still puzzle us about this one. But again, we arn't bringing in any outside help for Zul, so let's see if the Phank has enough smarts to beat it. (or enough repair bots...)
We had another visit earlier in the week to Zul, and a handful of us decided to go for a voodoo pile again, which of course forced us to abandon our turned comrad....
Good times. Phank loves Zul. We are taking the zone nice and slow due to our MC and Onyxia nights, so it should last us a while yet.
We did a lot this week it seems. This upcoming week we may be going for Rag... And then who knows if BWL is around the corner. We probably have a couple consistantly amazing in MC runs before we earn the move. Right now we seem to suck every 3rd time in there. But Phank has never been a fan of warnings from ubers telling us a place is too hard. Heard it before my friend, step aside.
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