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Snakes, Trolls, and Firelords, Oh My!

Yet another exciting week has passed, one filled with much fun, destruction, and purple loot. Not that any of Phank are in it for the loot. No, no.

No, in fact, we are in it for the hefty repair bills! --- Cru

We started the week off with a quick visit to Zul'Gurub.
Zul'Gurub kept us on our toes. And hooves.
We chose as our final boss of the evening the Bloodlord Mandokir.
Now, this is how we don't like to see the Bloodlord.
But we came, we saw, and we conquered!
Later in the week, we and Hjouse of Spjank headed back to Onyxia's Lair. That girl had been eating her Wheaties (dare i say, her breakfast of champions?), because this time she and her little whelplings pwned us but good. But that's ok, Onyxia, because we'll be back!
We saw new levels reached for mains and alts, and some of us even visited some old haunts.
That's Thuggo's skellie floating above him. I'm not really sure why Thuggo's not lying in a blob of flesh and clothing on the ground, but there you go.
And in a different instance.... You can guess what happened.
The biggest highlight of the week was our successful run through Molten Core. Boss after boss we took down, no problem. Ok, so the imps finally got their revenge on us a bit, but they only slowed us down for a moment! And wow, what a night. Twenty-seven purples. 27! And I guess technically Garr got us once, but we can overlook that.
And so ended our week on quite the high note. And once again, I have some extra shots from the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share.
As snug as a bug in a rug!
Kytor might have thought she escaped the update after this little bit, but if so, she was wrong. :)
"Two Priests"
Have a wonderful week, Phank!
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