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WAR (and hats!) - Veenu

As you know, Phank isn't an uber. We aren't going to be the first to do much, or well that's pretty much it. We aren't going to be the first to do game stuff. So sometimes we make our own goals. Like we did with hats so long ago...

But we started getting Onyxia hats and they were boring. It was quite a disappointment. So this past week was like Christmas all over again when they updated the graphics!
A lot of our weapons got new looks too!
And Jaly got an awesome sword from the dragon this week, it's as big as him.
Lothaar also got a sweet new toy from the dragon.
So that was a great treat.

The other "treat" this week was WAR. It seems the Horde and Alliance must work together to build up war supplies.

Upon reading what was needed, Phank had numerous reactions.
Many Phankers are not too keen with the material sink, but many are excited about it. And their excitement, I have to say... is contagious.
Yes this is a whole lotta time sink, and a whole lotta money sink, but what else is an MMO? It's a great story and a fun challenge. Why not suspend your disbelief and jump into the tale.
So many of us are farming cloth as we gain faction. Some of us are even gathering the lower level things like wool.
A few Phankers even have 300 fishing, and they are all doing their part for the war.
And while we all work away to get us access to the 20man, our server uber, Juggernaut, focuses all their effort on the other tasks that need to be done. I don't think this dragon has anything to do with it, but just imagine it's some boss in Silithus not in Moonglade. Cause they spawned that one too.
Here's where that Silithus boss probably spawns.
Now we estimate that the new 20 person will be open in a couple weeks, so we would love to beat Zul Grub before then. Which is hard with our 2 nights of raiding in MC. So with the new raid calendar we are setting aside 3 nights in a row next week for a zul marathon. But until then we sharpen our claws on what we can....
Or sometimes when we go in with half a raid Zul sharpens its claws on us...
Due to a reset on Friday night, we went in again Saturday. We like to do bloodlord guy a lot in the hopes of getting a nice defense sword.
Zul was fun, the war effort is fun, in a kinda sick way, and MC is fun when the servers are not crashing. Sure it would be neat if us medium sized guilds could do more than just farm to start up AQ. But Blizzards getting better about realizing most people feel the 40 player raid is a necessity and not something the majority desires. Give it time, it's already happening.
So ignore the war, help the war, profit from the war... it's all going to contribute to the story. Those of us fortunate enough to not be in 40 person raid guilds may not be able to spawn big things to help the war, but we'll get our 20 player. And I hear it's lovely... farm on.
Oh....and you thought I forgot....

BAQP 2005!!!

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