Ah, the new year! There was an interesting dynamic in Phank with so many people on vacation. Some really nice teams came together to find experience and adventure in Final Fantasy.

Phank has been in some games where our chat channel was not quite right. You all know what I mean... too many "I can't ever find groups!" But for some reason right now most of us are making the game what we want it to be and those that do get in fights can at least make for a good argument. One thing that signifies a phanker is they can argue with another phanker like they would a brother or sister and always know they will be there tomorrow. And that is what we have now.

In Shadow Bane our chat included an entire nation of PKs with hardly any brotherhood going on. In SWG we had a really lame game which makes for unhappy chat. Now we are in a game that I guess is too damn cute for leet people so it is working out well. Guild chat in FF reminds me more of a group chat. Nice and cozy. It would be cozier if Kinthalas and a couple others were there, but we can wait for the next game ;)

My Snagit software is not working for text, which is killing me - so this is more of a visual update. Just imagine Baptiste making some sexy comments, Jumpp saying something offensivly clever, and Tylia plotting a feminine takeover.
I have been playing the game on the lower end of play times. My main job is level 15. It has been fun to take it easy and hunt and do quests. Some Phankers have two jobs up to 30. Overall, the fighting in this game is great fun.

One thing that is missing, and is missing from almost all MMOG's are still Corpse Recovery Challenges. We have said this before, but the brain power involved in retrieving a corpse from a dark dungeon is very rewarding and we would like to see someone incorporate this type of puzzle into actual gameplay. Figuring things out is still wonderful. We promise not to go to any cheat sites!

Final Fantasy also has great little events for holidays.
And New Years Monkeys of course.
So pray to the computer gods for my screenshots to become fixed!
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