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The week started out really negative. Our higher levelers were out of quests, out of new (unbroken) content, and the one place they could go they didn't have enough players to go with. Even though we are large to us, we are still small as far as guilds go. We also don't push people to level. Ever.

One of us even plays WoW like it's EQ for some unknown reason. All Brithrax does all day in wow is kill raptors. He knows how many he needs to kill for each level. No wonder he hates the game! Well the other day the raptors got their revenge.
But that is the rare Phanker. The rest of us really like the quests and dungeon content. Which is why the 60's are having a hard time since they are running out of content or the dungeons they do have are broken.

One of the dungeons has some kinda bug where the boss and some mobs reset which makes their health 100% again. I guess they do this often. Our questions and calls for action are of course unmet with response from Blizzard except to say they have to work on the "server issues" first. Which I call GM bullshit, just because we know there are different programmers for server programming and gameplay programming. But we also know that Blizzard does not want to give a timeline for when it will be fixed because they will always miss any deadline. That's unfourtunatly how games are.

So they were unhappy. So what do they do? They go and make their own content. More specifically they go looking for a fight.
Not only do they go looking for a fight, they go to one of the major enemy cities. The land of eleventybillion Hunters.
- these are from Olriech
This is one of the things we had to do in EQ often. We had to make the game fun when it wasn't offering us enough. Even in the middle levels running back and forth can be dull, so why not take a different route and shake things up.
You can find your own content anywhere, sometimes you can even reach spiritual enlightenment through broken world polygons.
-from covenant

But as the week went on, hostilities died down again. Then the lack of patch notes for a real patch happened and that got things all upset again. Then the servers went down, and that sucked too. But then something happend this weekend. Well, first another crash...

Oggutho came up with a good name for being lagged out bent over trying to loot. "Munged."

Anyways, after THAT something cool happened.

I didn't realize it until Sunday night, but /gu was fabulous. Moments of excitement, flurries of jokes, an occasional happy link. In between there was glorious silence even when 30 of us were on. If anyone was upset it was over good things. Like the 60's getting an amazingly hard boss encounter down to a sliver. That is the kind of anger you want.

Saturday we had a large amount of people in BRD. The 60's trying to get something for a team member, the 50's entering BRD for the first time.

The only reason Jaly/Zobb/Euthynos/Gastnor/Oggutho isn't on that list is because one of their team members was not on. But they too have been on their own BRD journey I hope to report on next week. 

So we went in.

And then we entered it again!
It was fun beating this area. It was much easier than the broken flood of death we got in beta.
It was an amazing blast. Death often, each time getting further.

Which I believe happened for the 60's. They got Drakksith down to a pixel Sunday night with 10 people. They keep challenging themselves against whatever mobs the game has left with however few people they have. They added Zobb and Oggutho to the raid game. Phankish.

-from olriech
-from olriech
Here is a gate of something that they beat a dragon and a buncha 61+ mobs to get to, isn't it glorious?

One day there might be stuff inside :)

-from olriech
So here's the part where I just throw all the rest of the week into a big pile of memories:
-from covenant
They are talking about a 57 paladin that was flagged and after they started killing him and he didn't move - they realized he was afk.
Oh I forgot! Here is a bit more of us making our own content.
Who would win! I Southshore Guard vs a Tarren Mill guard? (Note we can't hit the Southshore Guard, he is level 60.)
More proof Horde are superior!
So yeah the 60's are getting bored and the server is still not great but our /gu is rocking, the 60's are getting more numbers and we got a huge boss down to a pixel. Next week I expect to have two things for you. Him dead, and a group with 3 rogues beating a zone they shouldn't even be hanging out in.
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