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Festival - by Veenu

Blizzard does a great job on the holidays, this time with some kinda Chinese new year variant. A few of us had the day off on Friday and took full advantage of the quests. You had to go all over the world visiting some kinda elders for coins.

For some reason many of us aimed for the hardest of them. Fun ensued.

We started with a little Maruadon, using our high levels and ninja skills we stealthed in and out without any local inhabitants even aware we were there.
Many of us went into the enemy cities. A few of us to Darnasus, Valthonis even got the Ironforge one.

Once again, using our stealth and cleverness we easily snuck into enemy territory.

We didn't get any Darnasus screenshots because the intensity of that coin grab distracted us. Though we were like ninjas.

So onward to other places!

Glorious coinage.
And since it is the year of the dog, what would be better than a huge dog. A huge dog and lots of bones.
The rewards were great. Fireworks and beams of light. Which have very important purposes, like humiliating your opponent.
Oh and this is inside the dog, quite the rave.
All the bruisers seem to be raving a bit too hard.
Fun fun!

We also jointly killed Ony this week. And got more glorious hats.

Watch Woapin pull a rabbit out of his hat! Also this week our partners HoS beat Ony in house. It was an epic battle listening to the updates in /gu. Grats guys!

We also did MC, and man we are getting really fast and bad ass at it.

Consistently we are downing all the bosses in one shot, and our speed is great. But alas, still no win for Ragnaros.
We are consistently great until the second half, and getting better but no win for us.
At least with how we are fighting him it won't be a fluke when we do win. We are tight.
Our old phanker Cindal started playing again and sent this shot in...
We also did some Dukes for Lilrith.
So have fun with the coin thingy, as usual these games give you stuff to do, but it's up to you to make it really fun. Also, hope your team wins this Sunday!
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