So the other day we were running to a fighting area with our level 20's. To get there you have to run through a tunnel that has some evil weapon type monsters. They are very strong, and no way a group could beat them at our level. They are also very blind, so you can sneak by them.

So we are running along, and come to a large group of players. They were all cowering at a bend in the tunnel with an evil weapon creature there. They saw us come and we all decided not to stand in fear anymore. So the first group charged in, hit it and called for help opening it up for all of us to beat on.
It was great, we won without a death. Sometimes it's nice to have some danger in places that it should not be, as long as the weak can use numbers or smarts to over come it!
And we all happily ran out to fight.
Our first casualty of the night!
I think this is our 3rd death of the night! Look at the beast pick up rocks and throw them at us.... we call them "Bowlers"
The whole group zoned, and the Giant Hunter ate me. We decided to call it a night. But we were back!
The coast was very pretty. Some people fish off it. Sometimes they catch monsters....
Some phankers were having trouble getting groups, and sometimes Japanese groups don't want English speakers in group, I think because it makes communication harder. But most are ok with it.
It was great xp, but of course not a deathless night. Good thing Baptiste can change into a WHM to rez.
Truth is, if you are a White Mage, you will get groups a lot. If you are a good one almost any time you log on!
Kinthalas will be joining us this week, and we can't wait. Olriech just came back, not that one can tell...
We also have some new Phankers like Jaly's friends and Tanzen's dad. Barristan is also back, you may remember him from his line "He ate me about here" from SWG. We also have had some great political discussions and talks on very important subjects.
Some of the gang have started the Expeditionary Force quests. They seem very fun.
They encountered a mob that charmed, which caused Gracor to rampage about. But they won, twice.
So we are very happy that most phankers are coming to play FFXI. We also loved all the compliments and meeting new people due to the Taru movie. It makes our day to have someone smile from it.
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