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In space no one can hear your servers crash

This update has two themes. The first is how Blizzard has made some mistakes and continues to with their servers and how they control server population. Phank loved how FFXI did it with an "invite your friend" idea, but we do not love WoW's "Queue" idea.  Also, I know technology is hard, and trouble shooting is hard too, but that's what you guys get paid to do. The second is on Blizzards amazing quests. When we are pissed off from server downs we come back in and almost forget how much the crashes suck.

The quests are just amazing. So who will win? They bad server crap driving us away or the wonderful heartfelt and well written quests bringing us back?

Until then we are forced to mine blue rocks until Blizzard figures out their issues.

Despite the server outages we have had some of our first high end raids. Adding to the 60's go Cintra, Tanzen, Euthynos and more. The current 60's are feeling a bit of pressure I think since at their level they are running out of quests and need to raid. And Phank is still really small, so when one person is out for the night it can make it pretty boring for them.

Also, I don't know if you remember some of our growing pains last week, but I think we have it nailed. A few people still don't know some of the newer people, and that just takes time. And as a wise Phanker reminded us, once upon a time when Phank had a growth spurt during an EQ expansion, those that loved loot more than Phank's ways left.

I know most people don't put this crap in an update, but we believe Phank is both the good and the bad. The wins and the corpse piles.

Speaking of wins....

We don't normally do corpse shots, but look at how Olriech got the gang to all stand around it. That's too cool. Hmm wait, I think Kinthalas got them to do that. And note, one of these people are not like the others....

And here's another from Ol.

So happy for this crew, they were really excited and nervous for some of those high fights.
They also had a big wipe-out too. 
So they are anticipating the next wave of 60's coming soon. Here are some shots from Ol on their fighting:
More of us are getting admiral's hats to look stylish.
Kaellana and Kinthalas are finally matching. I now see the whole point of reaching 60.
Server Downs sucked. And they don't talk enough about them on the forums. I really want to know how they keep messing things up, and how servers work. Like how do they determine what's too many people?
So when it was working we got some serious questing done. Many of us thought we were running out of quests. Then we went to a new zone.
My god. So many quests. And each quest has about a million items you have to carry in your bags.
Jumpp was going to explode from the surplus of quests and the lack of bag space.
But the quests are awesome. Really well done. And if the servers didn't crash last night I would have had a happy entrance to this update instead of a threatening EVE photo.
(click here for small spoiler)
Oh yeah, and it was freezing this week. Great gaming time for the snowed in.
Maraudon is a really cool zone. I don't know how much time I want to dedicate to finishing the quests in there though. Temple is calling, but then again a bunch of us spent many nights in temple in beta. I didn't want to like the zone because I hear the loot is too good for the challenges. But my experience is that it's a damn hard zone and really beautiful. Stupid rumor makin me feel bad for going to a zone. Boo on that.
I'm a sucker for colorful dungeons. Tazla really rocked in there too, sneaking to get back to the group etc. Druids are great.
It was actually a great week I think. I am totally zen about the guild. WoW's lame server outages are being saved by the good quest writing and adventures. We will see if they can fix the problems before we decide it's not worth it.
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